Hey everyone!

We thought it would be a good idea to include some video walkthroughs to cover the currently available characters in the Oversoul Alpha test.

In this video, we cover Barbarian, Young Paladin, and Fire Witch.

The remaining characters will be covered in the next three videos.

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So anyone in the mood for a Sock Puppet show? Well apparently, you must be due to this question asked by Artix:


So…referring to the newest post on artix.com, this part preferably:


As you likely know, our new game’s full title is going to AdventureQuest 3D: <insert a cool name here>. We have not actually decided on the <insert a cool name here> part yet. But when we do… we need to announce it! Do you think we should do it via a sockpuppet show, broadcast live, to about 30,000 people in AQWorlds? Official Facebook Poll

It seems Artix shall be revealing AQ3D’s FULL NAME very very soon, and in a very creative manner if i may say so myself. As said above, there is no set time on when the name shall be chosen, however, when it is, we get a Sock Puppet Show!:D Why? Because you guys voted for the puppet show, that’s why. If you’ve yet to vote on that question, you best pick your answer now! But if it is not for the sock puppets, don’t bother cause you are WAY BEHIND if you choose so. That is about it, no more info has been distributed thus far. However, expect a lot of posts about AQ3D from me if not another person this week, cause apparently Artix is only gonna be talking about that on his site this week. Oh and also AE Games or probably AQ3D and Artix’s site might be getting a little bit DARKER, due to an incident Artix had that damaged his pinky finger making it a goth evil pinky finger via the posted video.

So long for now and BATTLE 3D ON!>:D


Junijii has made a new walkthrough video, check it out!

This video will show how to do the Quest: “Search for the Cursed Lovers”, “Sing the Blues”, “Land of the Red”, “Find the Source of the Curse”, “Defeat the CurseMaker”, “One Moore time”, “You only Get One Shot at true love” at /join LovesCurse (Hero’s Heart Day Event 2012)

EbilCorp had posted pictures of their weekend vacation. I can only imagine how powerful and evil they must be to golf like this:

For a complete update, please watch the included video. Keep in mind that the video is for EbilCorp employees only so do not tell anyone where we got it.

A new video walkthrough from Junjii.

“This video will show how to do the Quest: “Call from Deep within”, Chrysalis of flames”, “Glittering secrets of old”, “Aria the great significance”, “Rekindling a pomegranate”, “Legendary crystal skulls”, and “Return of the Crystal Beauty” at /join EarthStorm (EtherStorm Saga)”

Remember the ArcAttack event? Following that, Artix found a suitable person to be a feature guest in a future event. Looking forward to the Valentine’s Day Love Story release, Mia J. Park of YouTube has agreed to take part in the event! And guess what? No zombies! But there’s guaranteed to be a more terrifying monster… which you will have to see for yourself!

A message brought to you by One Eyed Doll

The One Eyed Doll has sent a congratulations to Artix Entertainment for their wonderful choice of a new, fresh artist like Mia.  One Eyed Doll even personally posted on Mia’s Facebook page. Now, isn’t that a great community?

Yesterday, surveillance cameras at the secret underground lab caught EbilCorp members and their leader Chairman Platinum stealing from the lab. Luckily, only things related to AQ3D were stolen. Artix requests that if you find anything out that you contact him on his Twitter.

It seems that EbilCorp is now the head of AQ3D. They are so confident that certain EbilCorp executives are going on an expensive golf and spa trip. Also, they request that you check out their leaders’ Facebook Page.