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We thought it would be a good idea to include some video walkthroughs to cover the currently available characters in the Oversoul Alpha test.

In this video, we cover Barbarian, Young Paladin, and Fire Witch.

The remaining characters will be covered in the next three videos.

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Hey guys, I’m back!

Nulgath has updated Oversoul again, adding a new card, more music, a battle engine revision, and he fixed some bugs!
The new card is the “Counter Strike”  card, which is a special for Spear Natives and Recruits.

The battle engine has been revised, making new play orders for defence, attacks and spells.

Sound effects have been added for spell cards, and a sound effect for your card movements has also been added.

The bug fixes were:

Fixing the bug that caused PvP battles to freeze while loading.

Several battle errors that were caused by the server (desyncs) have been fixed.

And finally, a bug that caused the wrong spell effects to play (which caused more desyncs) has been squashed.

And some say, the Alpha Pirate is going to change his hiding spot soon. He won’t even appear there any more.

That’s all for now folks.

Both OverSoul and AQ3D have been highly anticipated games that the players have been waiting for! OverSoul is currently in Alpha testing and you can try it out right now by following this link! You will need to have been upgraded in one of AE’s previous games (Classic AQ, DF, MQ, ED, AQW or HS) to be able to participate in the testing. Similarly, you will also need to be upgraded to participate in the testing of AQ3D:Legends of Lore. Currently, the servers are offline for bug squashing and fixing, but they’ll be back up soon! You can check the status of the servers by going to this page.

Oh… did I forget something? Right, Wikis! The EL community has 2 Wikis set up just for these games, you are invited and are more than welcome to help us update them! The OverSoul Wiki is located at www.OverSoulWiki.com and the AQ3D Legend of Lore Wiki is located at www.AQ3DWiki.com . We hope to see you there!

Be sure to also check Al’s videos on both games!

This week, Nulgath dove into the Alignment system of OverSoul. There will be 3 varying degress of alignment. Good, Evil and Neutral. Your choice in alignment will play an important role in how you’ll unlock those specific characters you want to play in the Character Tree. It’ll also dictate who you can possess in the open world. But when you first start the game, all the selectable characters will be Neutral.

How to Possess an ArchFiend:

So lets say you want to possess the ArchFiend below. Well, you’ll have to match the alignment of him first. Meaning, you can only possess characters that are in the same alignment bracket as you. If an ArchFiend requires you to be -30 Evil then you cannot possess the them if you are a Neutral or Good aligned character. And this goes with every alignment. If you are a -25 Evil Vampire you cannot possess a +15 Good Priest or a 0 Neutral Mercenary.  On top of this, you are also required to defeat the character you want to possess in battle.

  • Rare Characters: What if you happen to come across a rare character while traveling the land? ( I should clarify RARE. It’s not the same as in AQW. Rare in Oversoul simply means it has a very low probability of being found. ) You’ll need to be the correct alignment and be able to defeat it in order to take them as your own. As you can see the Alignment chart is a sliding scale so you cannot be more than one alignment at a time. Choose wisely.
  • Elements and Card decks: Another aspect your alignment will affect is the elements and cards available to you. There will be elements available to all alignments but some more than others. The main ones being Shadow and Light. There will be more Shadow Elemental standings on the Evil side and more Light Elemental standings on the Good side. But worry not, there WILL be some Good characters that can use Shadow spells as well as Evil characters that can use Light spells too.

Alignment Character Chart:

Above is a small list of character types you can expect to find in your alignment. And there will obviously be a variety of each type as well as new kinds of character to be added as the game progresses! Including suggestions like a Moose and Cybernetic Moose. You can suggest your own ideas for character types in the AEF’s OverSoul Forum.

Next week, Nulgath will give us a peek at how your elemental standing will affect your gameplay in Oversoul!