Today in the Founder Shop, you will find some newly released Founder Bows! The bow is member only and can be purchased in Gold, Shadow or Colour Custom.

The past week has been very busy, but HeroSmash Founders and Members were not forgotten. Also, remember that the current Battle Poll is coming to an end very soon so continue fighting for your side as only one can win!

Many players have inquired about HeroSmash’s anniversary but since the game is still in the Beta testing phase, there is no real anniversary until HS moves onto its live release. Randor is planning something extra special for founders though, so as soon as he is able to get the code working the way he wants it to, it’ll some your way!

Also, due to further unforeseen circumstances, the Player Suggestion items will have to wait another week. This is a result of Polistar’s computer problems and Randor’s work on the Cinco de Mayo items.

The upcoming 5th of May is also the wonderful birthday of Randor the Red! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for some Cinco de Mayo shop items and red themed items.

This week’s plan for HeroSmash was to release tons of new player suggested items, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it had to be pushed to next week.














The “Dragon’s Breath” on the right was designed by Coolboypai and has a special effect attached to it! It first starts off as a sword but transforms into a gun while you’re attacking. This code modification should allow for more complex weapon designs so be sure to keep sending your suggestions in!

The current battle poll is also going strong at almost 40% for each item! This is still anyone’s game so be sure to keep fighting for the item you want to be implemented in-game!

In addition to the player suggestion items coming next week, Cinco de Mayo and Randor the Red’s birthday are all occurring so be ready for at least one crazy item!

Today a cold wind blows over HeroSmash as Zazul and his Cirque du Muerte returns! Visit the Fairgrounds to see all the items Zazul has crafted for the finest heroes to use.

Also coming over the weekend will be some new items to the PvP Shop such as Randor’s transformation of the Lion Whip into the Flame Whip!

The current Battle Polls are also coming to a close with the Foral Muse pulling ahead of the Avianfever. Remember to continue fighting for the item you want to see added to the Battle Poll Shop!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! If you head over to the Fairgrounds today, you will find a new seasonal shop with some new items made by Polistar! The latest addition of a BAN Hammer will go permanently rare so be sure to get it while you can!

It is reported that EpicDuel’s infamous Nightwraith has warped into the HeroSmash world! Sightings of Nightwraith have been reported to be in Aurora Park and it appears he will not be here for long! If you want some of Nightwraith’s personal items, you can choose to go and get them now, or wait until he reappears one day in November later this year.

Also, remember that the amount of items in the Daily Shop only grows so be sure to check it every day to see what item has been stocked. Newer items will be added soon, but now the Ancient Aquadia Trident is gone forever!

The clock has been ticking in HeroSmash and it is finally time. It’s time for a scavenger hunt! Golden Claw, who is in the “Ruins”, has found a precious, gold-decorated treasure chest FULL of amazing, rare,but damaged treasure. If you are willing to stick your hand up to help him, Golden Claw will happily share half the treasure with you, but only if you help him repair it. You will have to search EVERYWHERE in game. High and low, monsters and more monsters! These monsters will have the necessary items needed to repair the treasure.

But Wait There’s More…

Ol’ Saint Patrick and his joyous day have left for the year, and will not show their faces for a mere 365 days.
A new armor, with clickable arms, has been added to Golden Claws treasure shop, and a RARE Trident, which will depart next Friday. There is no difference in the items when comparing the Smash Coin or Members one, only different price options.

In the updates coming soon, the Player Suggestion shop will see an expansion!

If you want to see your favourite weapon, that you have personally made, in-game, please, post on the forums, and not the twitter page!

The next update will be April Fools Day. I’m kidding. Or am I?


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! This week, if you head over to the Park and find the Magic Pot of Gold, you’ll find a stash of new seasonal items for you to purchase!

Also, tune in next week when a scavenger hunt to find the parts of a legendary will begin!


When the clock strikes midnight tonight, the daily shop will be updated once again with some new additions- The Axe Blade Swords and The Double-Bladed Axes! These weapons will be available for 24 hours, and then they will become random Daily Shop items!

Remember that the Daily Shop will randomly display an item so be sure to check everyday to see if the item you want has stocked!

If you head over to HeroSmash right now, you will see that there is a new Battle Poll! Remember, the winning item will be put into the Battle Poll Shop whereas the other will be gone forever! The next upcoming round will include some changes as players will be able to fight to customize a new gear set! Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Daily Shop as some new Chakrams will be added soon!