Greetings! My name is Soliqe and I am the Chief Editor of the new and very first EpicDuel community newsletter called, “The Weekly Duel!” What is The Weekly Duel? The Weekly Duel is a community driven effort to provide articles of information relating to the players’ gaming experience in EpicDuel. It is also to provide their views on various topics such as PvP balance, player to player interaction, and general splendor of the game itself.

We hope to strive to be the most viewed/visited newsletter and community in EpicDuel. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal our community website until most of the major renovations are completed, but be sure to look out for the teaser newsletter which will include the link at the bottom of the page!

Until then, you won’t see much of me around as I’m very busy getting things put together. Once again, I’m Soliqe and from all of the staff at The Weekly Duel we bid you a good dueling, and a happy Lore-filled adventure!


Our Chief Editors Soliqe, and The ND Mallet Guy, our Editors Ashari, Max, and Shadronica, and our many Contributors!