This August, we have a new game card promo.

If you buy an Upgrade Card from Target, you’ll get the Bullseye Spear, made by Tomix! (It’s a scythe)

You can get it by redeeming it using your master account. You’ll get the Level 10 version, but it’s upgradable by talking to the Black Market Moglin in FalconReach to Levels 30, 50 & 70.

If you can’t get to Target, never fear! You can buy any of the 4 in Cysero’s Superstore of Savings for 2000 DragonCoins. Be warned, these versions are not upgradable.


Rolith has been working hard trying to get a preview ready of the new Atealan classes! In the Wrath of Wargoth, you already saw a small preview of the possessed versions that were fighting and the power these classes will bring.

The Ateala will finally be able to share their secrets once The Spire opens up, but only to those deemed capable. Be warned as they have some conspiracy theorists that doubt… humans.

This week, we have the Female previews from Tomix of the upcoming Pyromancer Class.

So which style do you prefer?

Also, the Escelense Set is now available from the Professor at the War of Wargoth camp, and you now have the option of merging 50 Defender Medals into 1 Ateala Armament.

You might not want to spend all of your Defender Medals, as the quest that unlocks when we hit 50% will have a better chance of droppng the armaments.


This week, Tomix has made some previews on the upcoming Pyromancer Class! (Dragonfable Style) :p

Male Versions

This picture also has some previews of upcoming fiery haircuts! Both Male and Female characters will have around 10 styles to choose from.


3 little notes for you today:

  • Warlic and Alexander, as we all know, do not like each other & have started a rivalry. This week, Warlic is going to push Alexander too far.
  • Also, it’s Dragonfable’s Birthday this weekend and it’s turning 6! The staff won’t tell us what gift their giving us this year, so we will have to wait and see.
  • Come check out the set Dracelix made, in honor of Lady Celestia. You will find it in the chest next to her statue in the Guardian Tower.

Come check the new, dazzling town Ghost made this week, The Aika Village! You can access this town by clicking the Travel button, and it’s under Willowshire and above the Shadow of the Wind Village. You can talk to wood elf, Lilka to send you on a quest to the Neverglades!

Information about the Neverglades:

The Neverglades themselves are said to be an enchanted jungle that is never ending! If you can make your way through each section of deeper and darker jungle the ultimate Aika prize might just be waiting for you at the end, the Aika Backguard! A single level version drops at the end of each huge random, but the highest level, 75 (and free player!), waits for those that can defeat the Deepest Neverglades!



Tomix is working hard on the new classes and with Riftwalker’s animations close to finished, it is time for Cryptic! This is an illusion and mind trick class, using telekinetic powers to fight with daggers. You can view a sneak peek of Cryptic here.

The new DragonFable poster mentioned at an earlier date are now available at HeroMart! They cost $9.95 each, plus shipping and handling. Remember that the Xan poster comes with the level 10 FlameClaw Scythe that you will be able to upgrade through the Black Market Moglin. The DragonFable Friends poster comes with a special trinket who’s attack will do 200% damage and will then give you an extra 100% damage for 4 rounds. As an added bonus, another friend joins in on the trinket attack if you have both the scythe and the trinket equipped.

Wargoth has arrived in Lore and is currently in search of The Professor. He was the one that originally saved Ateala from Wargoth’s wrath but that only gives him more the reason to be Wargoth’s target. Will you be able to locate The Professor before Wargoth does?

Relics of the DragonKnight

This amazing new DC set created by Ghost is now available at Cysero’s Superstore, or at The Merchant Cyan in downtown Falconreach. These weapons will give to a 10% damage boost against dragons and if you have the entire set, the damage boost will raise to 30%! The set has been buffed to a 40% boost with the weapons alone and a 75% boost for the whole set!

Rising Fire

If you’re looking for the war, it has move to Ateala. All you need to do to access it is to talk with the Sentry when you enter. This is also the last weekend the imp pets will be available so if you wanted one, be sure to get it before Monday!

New Login and Interface

If you remember the previous DNs, you would know that the login screen has been revamped, so be sure to check it out!

Now with 5.33% more win!


Along with your regularly scheduled release, this week DragonFable will be getting a brand new Login Screen! This will allow new players to get a better taste of what’s in store when they enter the game. In addition to the current Sepulchure background, there will be 4 new themed screens that will load randomly! Also revamped with a new look is the character selection screen, along with the character creation process! The aesthetics of the GUI and the in-game menus have also been tweaked slightly. Finally, a special DF theme song will also play as you log in (don’t worry, there will be a mute option).


Fire Imp Hats

Currently the war is at 62% and the challenge ends Friday at midnight! Hurry up and fight, fight, fight if you want the three Fire Imp Hats!

Dracelix has been working hard on the war’s rewards and has completed The Systerity Set! The set will drop from a mysterious and powerful boss that you have never encountered before!

The Systerity Set