How long have you been in AE, 10 years maybe? 10 YEARS – Time flies! All of AE’s major games will be doing something special… I mean, something BIGGER and CRAZIER than special! Join your fellow adventurers in all of the 6 MAJOR games on Friday, October 12th at 6 PM Eastern! (That’s this coming Friday)

There’s so much more coming this month, here’s a lineup of what you can expect!

  • 10th Anniversary Event – Friday, October 12th
  • AQ Classic’s 10th Anniversary Quests – Friday, October 19th
  • Rolith and Alina’s Wedding Event – Friday, October 19th in AQWorlds!
  • HeroMart to release an Anniversary Shirt and the 2013 AE Calender
  • EpicDuel’s 3rd Anniversary
  • AQWorld’s 4th Anniversary
  • MechQuest’s 5th Anniversary – LIVE, check out the party under Tek’s Mechs.
  • Special… Secret Release on Mogloween Night!



Arrr! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, and to join in the spirit, AE’s games have pirate themed content released!

In AQWorlds, Quibble returns with pirate themed items and a Pirate Quibble Bank Pet. On top of that, Quibble has some missions for you to complete, with a character page badge awaiting you at the end of the chain!

BigTuna returns with 20 TLaPD themed weapons in EpicDuel. Be sure to visit her in the West Naval Yard! Don’t forget that the Dragon’s Reckoning event is still ongoing. Visit Charfade and Dravax in the Barrens and defeat the Dragonoid Brain!

A strange Elven Pirate has appeared at Falconreach in DragonFable. Rumor has it that the pirate is carrying a chest full of spoils from a distant land!

Captain Rhubarb returns to Soluna City in MechQuest. Unlock the chests from his missions that hold the Pieces of Eight, which can be used to unlock his special event shop! Newly animated and colored Swashbuckler heads are also available this year!

The Talk Like a Pirate Day Shop is now available in HeroSmash, get your pirate gear before they leave!

The Pirate Quiz returns in Classic AdventureQuest, as well as several weapons and new pirate heads!

Don’t forget to head to OverSoul‘s Alpha Test, the new Alpha Pirate can now be captured. You’ll find him if you look hard enough!

Let out your battle ARRRR and head ingame now to join in the spirit of TLaPD!


Both OverSoul and AQ3D have been highly anticipated games that the players have been waiting for! OverSoul is currently in Alpha testing and you can try it out right now by following this link! You will need to have been upgraded in one of AE’s previous games (Classic AQ, DF, MQ, ED, AQW or HS) to be able to participate in the testing. Similarly, you will also need to be upgraded to participate in the testing of AQ3D:Legends of Lore. Currently, the servers are offline for bug squashing and fixing, but they’ll be back up soon! You can check the status of the servers by going to this page.

Oh… did I forget something? Right, Wikis! The EL community has 2 Wikis set up just for these games, you are invited and are more than welcome to help us update them! The OverSoul Wiki is located at and the AQ3D Legend of Lore Wiki is located at . We hope to see you there!

Be sure to also check Al’s videos on both games!

A popular multi-media convention which focuses on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art and music, Dragon*Con has been running annually in Atlanta, Georgia for a quarter of a decade with an audience of over 40,000! This year, the convention will be running from August 31 to September 3. Dragon*Con features panels of just about everything – from Pokémon to Yu Gi Oh, to concerts featuring Voltaire and One Eyed Doll (…and the AE panel, of course!) – there is definitely lots to do!

Dragon*Con has begun in Atlanta, and the AE team and fans kicked it off with their annual Pizza Party at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta (at the 10th floor, in the skyline meeting area – to be exact)!

Aside from the AE panel in the convention, members of the AE Staff (and fans?) will be manning an AE Fan Table in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Special ribbons have been made to attach to your Con badges, so be sure to grab them!

Additionally this year, Dragon*Con has perfected their Con Schedule App, which will help plan out your whole Con experience! The app is available for iPhones and Android.

The team is scrambling like mad because we’ll be launching a release from the Con… using the hotel’s internet! Look for more details in Alina’s AQW Design Notes!


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MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) visits the Lab!

I love meeting and talking with players and creative minds, and hope for the opportunity to meet you all. Yesterday was a special day for the team, we opened up the Lab to 20 creative minds from the Museum of Science and Industry’s Summer Science Camp. The got a behind the scenes look at the development process and we even dressed up!

Thyton even held a ‘how to draw’ sessions and Xero showed some of the 3D models he is working on, while I told embarrassing  that our new friends could probably blackmail us for years! The only way it could have been better is if you were here! More than ever, I would like to create a movie so everyone can see what we do.

3D Game “Memory Leak” bug REVEALED!

It appears that the newest Flash Plugin 11.3 that caused problems in AQWorlds is also causing memory leak problems in our 3D Game. We reverted to the older Flash Plugin 11.2 and everything works fine. These problems are not fixable by us, but we know these issues will be fixed in the future.

The Newest Legend of LORE NPC!

Meet Cambell, the newest Legend of LORE NPC! You will find him in Ravenshire selling a small selection of armors and weapons. Based on his name, chin and cape, you may be wondering if he was based off some super-mega-awesome-iconic B-movie star that I’ve been trying to contact to be a guest cameo in our games. But of course, that would be purely speculation.


Fridays really are the best time to release updates, here’s a look at what’s coming up in all of the games! What were you most excited about? Maybe the Dage vs Nulgath War (or Dave vs Nulgath, depending on where your finger lands) war for AGES?!?!

AdventureQuest Worlds

Pledge your allegiance to Nulgath the Archfiend or Dage the Evil and control the underworld! Show Nulgath what true power looks like by joining forces with Dage’s Undead Legion, or join Nulgath and show Dage that strength and loyalty can crush the weak! Six shops full of EPIC rewards and an opening cutscene by Nulgath. The first wave of the war sets the stage for the final confrontation of ultime evil!


The first door is DOWN! The Legion forces have breached the Delta Vault’s security, but the Exiles aren’t far behind! Obtain the Infernal Interdictor for increased damage against the vault doors and increased critical damage! M4tr1x is waiting behind the first door to award the brave warriors Mechachillid Armors, which offer extra protection against the vault security.


Explode the woods between Amityville and Hunter’s Paradise to find the latest quest, Red Riding Hood! Remember, things aren’t always as they seem in Amityville…


The 4th of July Mech is here but it’s not staying for long! This grand lightshow of destruction is only available until Monday, so grab it now!


The Freedom Shop gets an update, get your hands on some limited rares! You better hurry, the shop will be leaving next Friday and it won’t be back until next year.

AdventureQuest Classic

For years, players have speculated why their characters can carry so much equipment. At long last, you’ll find out the answer… the hard way!


The V and G are so very close together

Summer’s most anticipated AQWorlds release starts tomorrow night, and I posted on of Dage’s paintings on Facebook to let everyone know. I was so happy that I rushed onto Twitter…but, you know, the V and G are so close together that one little typo made Twitter full of….

I love our gaming community.


AdventureQuest 3D to run in Flash!

As you are reading this, a breakthrough has been made – the game can now run in flash! A ton of glitches have been found though. Minimal and Zhoom haven’t been this stressed since the recoding of AQWorlds from ActionScript to ActionScript3.

With the announcement of Adobe’s new licensing fee structure, which will increase costs in several places, the schedule for the game development has been pushed up. Our goal is to have the game running by August 1, before the fees take place. We will complete the Flash conversion before taking Alpha Testing back online. Wish us luck!


… and it’s release day!

AdventureQuest Worlds

Fire and ice collide as the much requested Pyromancer Class is released, while you cool off in the chilly darkness of the member only Battleunder area! Meanwhile, shops are getting updated, get your favorite items from AQ, DF and MQ!


It’s one of the biggest releases EpicDuel has EVER seen! Tonight is WAR! Descend into the heart of Delta V, declare your allegiance  to either the Exile resistance or the Legion army. Find out what’s behind the mysterious Delta Vault with new grenades, NPCs, battlemodes and shiny achievements!


Continue your journey through the dreamscape-turned-nightmare… things aren’t always as they seem.


Permanent versions of the Avenger-themed weapons are coming to Parker Books on Zargon. As the 4th of July is approaching, lots of bug squashing is occuring!


Summer is officially here, the summer shop is now open! Some items are coming back next year, while some will be gone forever. Get those items now as well as the items in the limited time Freedom Shop!


Continue your journey in Paxia and unravel the mystery surrounding the Chessmaster.


Pyromancer Class coming to AQWorlds

The hot new art Dage created below was inspired by the upcoming Pyromancer Class in AQWorlds, the full skill list can be found on the AQWorlds Design Notes. We expect to have this class in AQ3D as well, but as you are reading this, we’re actually making the 3D game work in flash. Check back for information on when the Alpha testing resumes!

The last sheet of Paper

This is one of those special stories that no other game studio would share… 6 months ago, when we moved into the new studio (just before starting the AQ3D: Legends of Lore Project), I sifted and sorted through all my notes – easily 4 feet tall. All these papers are filled with ideas, sketches, interface designs, etc. While going through them, I found a lot of unused paper (120 to 150?) and made a promise to make sure they will be used for the future and not be discarded.