Both OverSoul and AQ3D have been highly anticipated games that the players have been waiting for! OverSoul is currently in Alpha testing and you can try it out right now by following this link! You will need to have been upgraded in one of AE’s previous games (Classic AQ, DF, MQ, ED, AQW or HS) to be able to participate in the testing. Similarly, you will also need to be upgraded to participate in the testing of AQ3D:Legends of Lore. Currently, the servers are offline for bug squashing and fixing, but they’ll be back up soon! You can check the status of the servers by going to this page.

Oh… did I forget something? Right, Wikis! The EL community has 2 Wikis set up just for these games, you are invited and are more than welcome to help us update them! The OverSoul Wiki is located at and the AQ3D Legend of Lore Wiki is located at . We hope to see you there!

Be sure to also check Al’s videos on both games!

AdventureQuest 3D to run in Flash!

As you are reading this, a breakthrough has been made – the game can now run in flash! A ton of glitches have been found though. Minimal and Zhoom haven’t been this stressed since the recoding of AQWorlds from ActionScript to ActionScript3.

With the announcement of Adobe’s new licensing fee structure, which will increase costs in several places, the schedule for the game development has been pushed up. Our goal is to have the game running by August 1, before the fees take place. We will complete the Flash conversion before taking Alpha Testing back online. Wish us luck!


It is official… sock puppets told us so.

Explore a vast expanding world, become the master of the elements, unlock the power of the Dragon’s light and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Grimsbane. But we need to see if the chat works first, chat only alpha testing with incomplete graphics begins!

Play Alpha Test 1!

Alpha Test #1 is LIVE! (worth 250 Alpha pts.)

Were you surprised?! If you qualify, please help us test the multiplayer server and chat! Remember that nothing is final in this test.


Thank you for your help!

Naming AdventureQuest 3D was one of the most challenging things to do. We originally wanted to call the game LORE (Land of Rising Evil), which was the original name planned for AdventureQuest. For legal reasons, over 5 dozen more name, including LORE, could not be used. From the votes in Twitter, Facebook and the comments, the winner was clear.


Announced LIVE in a puppet show?!

Thanks to whoever reminded Artix of his tweet about announcing AQ3D’s name in a puppet show! The sewing machines will be coming out in between running a booth in the MetroCon convention… for possibly the most embarrassing idea in AE History! Join in the fun next Thursday (possibly) for some puppet  naming chaos live on AQWorlds. Questions will be answered about the game as well as an update on the alpha testing, which AQWorlds Members are invited to participate in.


  • This Friday – Release Day, all games get an update!
  • This Weekend – MetroCon at Tampa, FL. Meet the team in person on Saturday, 8PM!
  • Next Wednesday – Reddit “Ask Us Anything” – 6PM Eastern
  • Next Thursday – LIVE Puppet Show on AQW – 6PM Eastern?
  • Next Weekend – Chairman Platinum will be on the American Ninja TV Show, more information coming soon!

Apparently AQ3D is just not good enough for Artix Entertainment’s new game 3D MMO. So

Artix Entertainment Needs your Help

 The new game is going to be for an older audience… more serious and deadly than our previous games. The name should match. Artix Krieger

Suggest an awesome name for their new game. @ArtixKrieger on twitter, or on Artix’s Facebook Page.

My personal suggestion is AQ3D: Rainbow Cupcakes of Doom. Catchy, no?

If your suggestion is righteously awesome perhaps you will have named Artix Entertianment’s new game!



AQ3D is Artix entertainments upcoming goliath. They have been hard at work creating character models and the world. Bt we haven’t seen much about the towns and villages. Until now. Llusion has been hard at work creating ideas and places for the world. We finally are able to see how epic and huge this world will be.


Random Town

We also have learned that each city will be centered around a specific Mythological (or Lorelogical if you like) creature. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that this is going to be amazing! There will be quest sort of like the lords of chaos in each town. And it will affect the world if it is not done correctly. The only thing that is strange is how that this will translate into an online experience unless it is kind of like the war scenarios in AQWorlds.

Until next time, and remember… Battleon!

-Lord Loss Demon


The guys at AE, have been testing out the new motion capture feature which will (obviously) be featured in AQ3D,

Prehaps this will be used for far more advanced NPC scenes?