A call has been made to all the writers of the AQ universe in the effort to stop the Trumpha from destroying creativity and imagination! It’s time to put your writing skills to the test – there’s some juicy prizes up for grabs!

Dearest Loreians,

The Truphma have but one purpose. They hate creativity. They hate imagination. And they hate it when people like you exercise such talents and skills. Every time you use your imagination, you hurt them, you deal a blow that sets them back. I hate that they found Lore, but it was inevitable. They are on a constant search for worlds to bend to their will, worlds to obliterate the wonder of dreams.

I ask you now, dearest Adventurer, to take the time to conjure a tale worthy of fighting the Truphma. The better the story, the greater the detail, the more creative it is, the weaker they will be. You can tell any story you want. If you desire to regale your participation in any of the activities, wars, and/or mysteries that has run rampant across Lore, then tell us what History may not have recorded. If you simply want to retell an adventure you had that may have happened “behind the curtains”, then please do so.

I know, Adventurer, that with your imagination and talents, you can create a story that will deal a solid blow to the Truphma and continue to show them that Lore will NOT lay down, will NOT surrender, and will NOT give up. I have faith in you, dear Adventurer. Never forget that.

And, though it pains me to do this, the reward for the greatest tale is something no one else will ever have. There was a planet, far away from here that fought bravely, fought true, but they were not able to turn the Truphma away. The society had developed music, art, writing, and storytelling into a mastercraft. It was everything to them. When they fell, despite my best efforts to help save them, only one thing escaped unscathed. It has meant much to me, but if you can create a story that will deal a massive blow to the Truphma, then you will deserve such a reward for your efforts.

Thank you, Adventurer, for doing this. Your sacrifice and toil will not be forgotten.

With much appreciation and affection,

Eukara Vox

You may only submit one entry and it must have proper writing format and mechanics – a clear beginning, middle and end, as well as proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and paragraphs. Your entry should be no longer than 10 pages: Single space, Times New Roman, 12pt with 1″ margins. The contest ends on Saturday, June 30th.

Here are the juicy prizes for the winners:

  • First Place Winner - Exclusive, one of a kind weapon!
  • Second Place Winner – 3,000 Z-Tokens!
  • Third Place Winner – 1,500 Z-Tokens!

More details about the contest and entry submissions can be found here.

The History of Friday 13th

 Part 3: November 2009 Deady Island

On every Friday the 13th Voltaire comes to visit Lore and comes with a storyline and or items.

The third Friday the 13th Event took place in November 2009

It took place in Battleon Town Square and Deady Island (no longer available).In Batleon Town Square,  every hour a concert was put on by Voltaire. Also after completing this event you get a Friday the 13th Event badge, this badge you now get after participating in any Friday the 13th Event. The main NPC of this area is Deady . Other NPCs in this area are Voltaire and an Undead Villager. On Deady Island were the following monsters 6 Undead Villagers and the Boss Deady Monster. In order to enter this area you must be wearing the Deady Bear Body Morph armor.

From Deady on Deady Island you can complete the following quest: Head Hunting.

Head Hunting: Find 6 Island Skulls, behind houses on Deady Island, Reward: Unlucky Skeleton Key,

In this area are the following shops with these items

In Deady’s Treasure Chest requires Unlucky Skeleton Key to access shop

  • Item Name / Item Type / Price
  • 13 Leaf Clover Axe / Axe / 15,000 Gold
  • Bone Violin / Mace / 10,000 Gold Member Only
  • Bone Trumpet / Mace / 15,000 Gold
  • Broken Mirror of Death / Staff / 10,000 Gold Member Only
  • Broken Horseshoe Blade / Sword / 10,000 Gold Member Only
  • Unlucky Footless Rabbit/ Pet / 10,000 Gold Member Only
  • Skello Kitty/ Pet/ 10,000 Gold Member Only

From Deady in Batteon the Deady’s “Rare” AC Shop

  • Unlucky Staff 09 / Staff/ 800 AC
  • Unlucky Sword 09 / Sword / 800 Ac
  • Double Edged Unlucky Sword 09 / Sword / 1,000 AC

The following Items are Dropped by Monsters in this area

  • Bad Luck Kitten / Pet/ Deady Monster
  • Voltaire Hair/ Helmet / Deady Monster
  • Hooded Dead Hood / Helmet / Deady Monster
  • Festive Dead Head / Helmet / Unead Villager
  • Dead Head Cluster / Helmet / Undead Villager
  • Dead Head / Helmet / By both Monsters

Part 4 (Friday 13th 2010) Coming Soon


  • Travel with Eukara Vox as you meet up with Baldev, in the search for answers to the mystery of the Artistic Ruins! Try out a few  new mini-games and get  some great rewards
  • Check out the Nightmare Wyvern Rider in  the Limited-Time Shop this week!


  • Has Been Released! Deren has  areas to explore, new quests to try and rewards to get , and a few new NPCs to meet!
  •  Watch out for the dock!


  • Right now there is a special WarpGuardian offer for all upgraded players of AE games  you can get a  $10 discount on the WarpGuardian upgrade.


  1. Blarney War 2012!
  2.  Chessmaster Saga continues!
  3. Seekrat Breaking Point

Source: AQ/WF Newsletter

AdventureQuest is having a special surprise (well it’s not a surprise anymore!) for anyone that logs in during leap day. If you log in between midnight EST of February 29th and midnight of March 1st, you will gain one free level up! You’ll also get to keep half of your current experience to use for the next level!

So what are you waiting for? Log in right now to get your free level up!

Level Cap Raise

Everyone’s getting a chance to get this free level up, including players at the level caps… because they are being raised! The new Guardian level cap will be 140 and the Adventurer level cap will be 132!

Thursday February 23rd Release

Legend of Lady Tomo: An unfortunate accident with a book will take you to the Far West to meet Lady Tomo.

The City of Deren: New Areas, quests, NPCs and rewards.

The Z-Blade Scythe: available when you buy a 7,500 Z-Token package. This weapon can change appearance and attack at a push of a button.

Death on a Boat T-Shift: A new T-shirt available from Heromart d0 to Death recently getting  a facelift in AdventureQuest


  1. Blarney War 2012!
  2. Chessmaster Saga continues!
  3. Seekrat Breaking Point!

Source: AQ/WF Newsletter