A new video walkthrough from Junjii.

“This video will show how to do the Quest: “Call from Deep within”, Chrysalis of flames”, “Glittering secrets of old”, “Aria the great significance”, “Rekindling a pomegranate”, “Legendary crystal skulls”, and “Return of the Crystal Beauty” at /join EarthStorm (EtherStorm Saga)”

Adventure Quest Worlds moderator Lady Azjurai is getting married on the 7th of February (That’s really soon!).  Lady Azjurai started out playing Advenutre Quest Worlds, just like you, she was then asked to help out on the forums, and then got promoted to moderator status!

Finding true love is rare, so AQW and Lady Azjurai have decided to spread the love and is putting Lady Azjurai in-game with some special items!

Right now in-game, Lady Azjurai is selling these special items, which are

  • The Ruby Eternal Flame
  • Romantic Raccoon Helm (She has a thing for Raccoons!)
  • Evil Toaster of LOVE!

The toaster was put in-game, as it was the first appliance the couple bought, and has given them nothing but grief since they first plugged it in! It seems to be possessed by the evil spirit who causes grief to AE and it’s team, and has given itself a nasty face! Lady Azjurai and her betrothed still has quite fond memories of the cute little rascal running around the place, fanning smoke out the window and laughing together!

From the team here at Everything Lore, we could not be happier for Lady Azjurai and her soon-to-be husband, and wish you the best for your wedding ceremony, your reception, and the rest of your life together. Thank you for sharing this momentous day with the world, we would like to wish you congratulations and remember, BATTLE ON!

Remember the ArcAttack event? Following that, Artix found a suitable person to be a feature guest in a future event. Looking forward to the Valentine’s Day Love Story release, Mia J. Park of YouTube has agreed to take part in the event! And guess what? No zombies! But there’s guaranteed to be a more terrifying monster… which you will have to see for yourself!

A message brought to you by One Eyed Doll

The One Eyed Doll has sent a congratulations to Artix Entertainment for their wonderful choice of a new, fresh artist like Mia.  One Eyed Doll even personally posted on Mia’s Facebook page. Now, isn’t that a great community?

He has wandered the face of Lore for years and has returned to reclaim his family’s ancestral home from roving gargoyles and twisted Chaos magic!

Hey guys! Any of you done the new midweek release in AQW yet? Cornelis took on a whole new role as you attempt to reclaim it alongside the last heir of Cornelis.

Find his family’s secret vault, help Hodan claim his title, and win valuable prizes! Also, don’t forget to get your character page achievement that comes as the icing on top of the cake!

AQW Goes Custom

Tune in next Friday for the release AND Quibble’s return:

“We will, we will ROCK YOU with this earth-shakingly awesome armor by Dage! The Exosuit Binsoku will transform at your command; all you need to do is click the part of the armor you wish to change!”


All of you Dragonfable players will most certainly recognize the anglers’ swf area, a great new area of this style is coming to aqw or more correctly

Advanced Minigames are coming to AQW,

this will include great things like Blacksmithing, Potionmaking, scroll-scribing, alchemy and many more!

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Yay! We now know 4 of Artix’s secrets! Be sure to tell EVERYONE!

Artix’s 4 secrets:

  1. Secretly working on AQ3D
  2. Planet Romero in Mechquest
  3. Valentine’s Love Story event for AQWorlds
  4. Something about a picture?

Blinding Light of Destiny

So They Might Be Giants performed on the Conan O’Brian show. And you’re thinking, what does this have to do with AQW?.  Well, a short time during/after a show, server traffic on AQWorlds skyrocketed. Cool right?

Well, that’s it from this DN Yyeah…the post was lacking in size)

Under a red-nightmarish sky, a dragon will soon die.
Most dragons do when they face DragonSlayer Galanoth.
Galanoth’s blade thirsts for the blood a dragon, and when he is in an Etherstorm Realm you’ve yet to see, and there is no way for you to possibly get to the leader of the DragonSlayers.You will be too busy working to save the almighty dragons, and the elements which are crucial to the land of Lore.

There is no time to find out where Galanoth has gone, or what plans he has to do now that he is in this mysterious realm.

By the way Galanoth holds his sword, the mighty Dragon Blade, you are can tell he is not peacefully discussing anything.


What dragon is about to fall by the hands of the DragonSlayer?

Galanoth has disappeared!

Water, Air, Earth – all of the Proto-Prime Dragons have been located! The Fire Proto-Prime Dragon has been free the whole time, and you’ve already met. (She’s not too fond of you since her defeat!) The only problem NOW is getting them free of the sanctuary they’ve been confined in for their own protection! (… wait, so the Priests knew where they were all along? What?!)

Log on AQW Friday during the release to see what’s going on! What happened to Galanoth? Anyone know what’s going on with those Priests? Etherstorm is about to take on a whole new challenge in the Water Realm. Good luck with that DeepDweller, heroes.

Deep in the Etherstorm, the Water Realm. What is it you're looking for here? Or more importantly, what is it you AREN'T looking for?


What is it you think could be hidden behind the doors of the Guardian Tower? Everyone knows about it, and it’s been there for a long time now. Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Years celebrations on AQW! All the great items from this holiday have been brought back for your enjoyment, items like Lunisolar Katana and others! With a release of a non member adventure coin pet. The release is mostly re-released items in the event but with four new dragon armours, and a water dragon pet!



Defeat the four creatures to restore harmony at akiba so you can celebrate in style with Ai No Miko!

After a recent surge of complaints from member users that they don’t get enough special releases AE has been doing midweek releases to please members, admittedly the mudluk release was frankly half hearted this release looks like alot of effort was put into it, its a shame that there are so few items in the shop but hopefully the release will be added to it and will become a respectable area.

You must save Princess Miko from a deadly assasin and travel through the underground tunnel system.