Fishing is the first ever Tradeskill released in AQworlds. In order to access the minigame associated with ranking up this tradeskill you need to do the following.
To Start: Go to Greenguard Forest West and speak to Faith.

Step 2: Complete the quest Favor for Faith (need to defeat one slime on the screen to the left of Faith). This quest will give 20 chips of Bait and 10 barrels of dynamite to use in the Fishing Minigame.

Now you ready to play Minigame!

The Minigame has 30 ranks and this part of the Fishing reputation which has 10 ranks like all other reputations. In the Minigame you can access the Bait Shop, this shop has two items:

  • Bait (50 chips) – 100 gold
  • Super Rod (Members only) – 555 gold

At different ranks you can 6 possible enchantments to your fishing skills (F.I.S.H.A.T., B.A.I.T., S.N.A.G., B.O.O.T.,H.U.G.E. and P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.). There are two types of fish that can be caught regular fish of different types and rank up fish. There is also a secret Derp Moosefish swimming in the Pond at Minigame which can give a special badge on your Character page.

For complete list of Fish (click here) and for a complete list of all 30 ranks of the minigame (click here).
There are two different types of fishing rods:

  • Basic Pole (can catch one fish at a time)
  • Super Pole(can catch 3 fish at time) .
  • You can also use Dynamite to catch fish (can catch a max of 6 fish at a time using dynamite).

For all Item in Fishing Gear shop (click here). For all items in Faith’s House Item Shop (click here). For all items in Dynamite shop (click here)
Faith has four quests which you can do here is a short guide to each quest:

  1. Fish Food: Catch 30 fish
  2. Catch of the Day: Catch 5 fish from the following list Blandfish, Undead Trout, or Somean Lionfish
  3. Fins Up: Catch 10 fish from the following list Redfin, Willwfin, Wingfin, Sparklefin, Thurmofin or Pillfin.(Daily quest and Member Only).
  4. 4Rainbows all The Way: Catch 3 fish from the following list Rainbow Lakehorse or Rainbow Scooter. (Daily quest and Rank 6).


A New I CAN HAS MOD Contest Winner!

The winner of this month’s I CAN HAS MOD contest did not reply to their email within a week, so AE is choosing a new winner. Could it be you!?

The new winner has been emailed, so remember to check your AdventureQuest Worlds registration email  to see if you are the lucky winner. The winner has 3 days to respond, until Thursday at noon EST time. If they don’t respond, a new winner will be chosen again.

For everyone else, remember to keep holding on to your Golden Cheezburger Deluxe. The last Cheezburger became the Darksider Class… there’s no telling what it’ll become this time around. You don’t want to miss out!

Legion Quest Changes

Many players commented that the new Legion quests weren’t enough of a challenge, so the new Legion quests have just gotten harder! The Legion Soul Collector will now cost 150 Legion tokens and the related quests will require 50 souls each instead of 25. They don’t call him Dage the Evil for nothing!

This isn’t all bad news for Legion farmers though! There will be a paragon pet released March 2nd, on Dage’s Birthday. This pet will have a quest with a massive 5 Legion Token reward!

Coming this Week

This week in AQW will start off with another mid-week release for members adding more story to the Bludrut map and more member only rewards.

On Friday, you’ll be seeing the next part of the Skyguard storyline and the release of the member-only Grenadier Class! This class will be available this Friday to members that have reached rank 10 in their Skyguard Reputation along with a full set of matching items.

An AC version of the Grenadier class will be made available to members only on March 3rd.

Going, going, gone…

Quibble’s Shop and the Event Rare Shop in Love’s Curse (/join lovescurse) are going rare later today. Now’s your last chance to grab any of these items before they are gone forever!

Released this week as a member perk where items as a bonus if you buy AC packages.

There are three AC packages available for the game.

1. 2,000 AC

2. 5,000 AC

3. 12,000 AC

Once you buy a package you open up the shop from your Book of Lore from the A.E. tab. In the first two shops their are only 1 item and it last shop you can get all 4 pieces to the MindBreaker Class Set. Here is list all the shop names and items:

1. Shop:Member Bonus 2k AC Shop.  Item: Battle Wyvern (pet)

2. Shop:Member Bonus 5k AC Shop.  Item: Dreadnought (Armor)

3.Shop:Member Bonus 12k AC Shop.  Items: MindBreaker Psy-blade (sword), MindBreaker (class), MindBreaker Helm (helmet) and MindBreaker’s Cloak (cape)

There were 4 shops released this week part of the new Fishing Trade skill 3 are available from the new NPC  Faith in Greenguard Forest West and last shop is available while playing the Fishing Minigame. The 4 shops are as follows Fishing Gear, Dynamite Shop, Faith’s House Shop and Bait Shop. (more information about this skill and items in this shop will come in post later today and on Tuesday)

Another new shop was released this week with items based on a holiday celebrated this week known as Carnaval (for more information about go Carnaval Click here  ). The items are based on how the holiday is celebrated in Brazil. Here is the list all the items in this and their prices:

Weapon Celebratory Skewer 12 27,500 Gold
Weapon Enredo Blade 12 Member 25,000 Gold
Weapon Firedancer’s Torches 12 Member 25,000 Gold
Weapon Gonzaga’s Gilded Mace 12 Member 20,000 Gold
Weapon Abre Alas 12 10,000 Gold
Weapon Carnaval Bongo 12 Member 15,000 Gold
Armor Alegre Carnaval Armor 12 35,000 Gold
Armor Carnaval of Love 12 Member 30,000 Gold
Armor Vai-Vai Carnaval Armor AC Item 650 AC
Helmet Ivory Carnaval Headdress 12 21,712 Gold
Helmet Jungle Carnaval Headdress 12 Member 21,712 Gold
Helmet Parrot Carnaval Mask 12 Member 21,712 Gold
Helmet Plumage of Pain 12 Member 50,000 Gold
Helmet Twilight Carnaval Headdress 12 21,712 Gold
Helmet Vai-Vai Carnaval Headdress AC Item 85 AC
Cape Pink Carnaval Feathers 12 Member 21,712 Gold
Pet Capoeira Capybara 12 Member 30,000 Gold

The re-released shops this week are from the Hero Heart’s Day Event in the area Love. There are two shops Big Daddy’s Shop and Prince Jim’s Shop with all same items from the past two years when this area was originally released in 2010 ( a post about this area and items will come on Tuesday)


Go buy some bait and a fishing rod, because we’re going fishing, AQW STYLE!

With 30 ranks for you to complete, by catching all the fish in Lore, you’ll be battling against the seas rulers from Rank 1:Fishmonger all the way through to Rank 30: King Fisher.

With rewards like Mystic Fishstick Staff to the Runed Master Angler armor, you’ll be looking like an expert in no time! (Something smells fishy here… maybe it is the Fish armor I’m wearing?)

As a bonus, for doing the first quest, which will get you access to start the mini-game, you’ll get 80 ACs worth of Dynamite so you can blast the water and shower in a rain of fish.

Once you reach Rank 30 in your new tradeskill, fishing, you’ll find a pretty badge sitting in your Book Of Lore! (The character page badge will be coming NEXT week, so don’t worry about that!)

As a bonus, if you catch the mystifying, elusive DUM-fish, you will unlock the amazing Derp Moosefish Achievement!

New items coming this week!

  • Rune Master Angler armor
  • Mystic Fishstick
  • Mysterious Fish and Flopping Fish Pet (member-only)
  • Fish Suit, Fishin’ Rod Continue Reading →

New bonus packages have arrived in the land of lore, exclusive to the AdventureCoin loving member. The package rules are relatively simple once explained,

  • The packages do no stack, i.e if you get the 12,000 AC package you would not get the 2,000 and 5,000 ac packages as well.
  • None of the packages are ever going rare so don’t worry, there’s no rush.
  • There is no 1,000 AC package as there only from the portal site
  • You do not get the 5,000 AC package if you do the 3 month + $5 deal for an extra 5k
  • All Items are member only
  • They go back as far as January 1st so if you got the 12,000 / 5,000 / 2,000 deal from then till now you will still get the deal

The rewards are A Wyven Battle Pet (2,000 ACs), DreadKnought Armour Set (5,000 ACs) and the cool Mindbreaker class (12,000 ACs)

Continue Reading →

So many things happening this week!

Artix Entertainment is having a HUGE week!

Here’s a small briefing on what will happen in the next seven days:

  • Fishing Trade Skill!
  • The Old Heroes Hearts Day returns!
  • AQW’s first EVER carnaval shop!
  • New quests from Dage The Evil in his current location, Shadowfall.
  • I CAN HAZ MOD! Winner selected!
  • MEMBER BONUS! Bonus Member Item when buying AC packs
  • MEMBER BONUS! Reserve your AQ3D user names! (Note, this is not he start of Alpha, just reserving your names!)
  • Items are departing. Get them while you can!

Valentine’s Day Release Live

The Valentine’s Day Release is live! If you are not a great fan of love & such, do not fret! This release has more than pink & love hearts! Fight your way through the new maps & take a look at the new Underworld! (Note: If you have a problem completing the quests, /join lovescurse and watch the last cutscene again).

Mia J. Park

Mia J. Park - Metamorphosis

Many thanks for helping Mia J. Park of YouTube increase her view count! The same video that 2 weeks ago had around 100 vie
ws now has over 3,600 views! Like her music? Help her out, & buy her album: Metamorphosis!

Click here to buy now! (special link for AQW players)
Your Thoughts?

Let the AE team know what you thought of last week’s crazy event! Did you like it?


Junijii has made a new walkthrough video, check it out!

This video will show how to do the Quest: “Search for the Cursed Lovers”, “Sing the Blues”, “Land of the Red”, “Find the Source of the Curse”, “Defeat the CurseMaker”, “One Moore time”, “You only Get One Shot at true love” at /join LovesCurse (Hero’s Heart Day Event 2012)

Thank goodness!

Today Artix has told us that they have received their precious project, AQ3D, back from Ebilcorp. To see the footage from the heroic raid watch the video above.

Now that AQ3D has returned to Artix Entertainment, they have revamped

Let us prepare of AQ3D. It is going to be big!

Nulgath Leaves!?
Chairman Platinum has announced that Nulgath is now working with him to create “a game without rules.” The came can be found at . Though this is a loss, I feel that we, the players of the game, gain something new regardless.

Final Call

The hammer has fallen – the Akiba New Year’s shop & Friday the 13th Event Rare shop have gone rare! With the shops, have gone all seasonal New Year items, including the non member AC pet.

Another Limited Quantity Shop – In Real Life!

Buy your 2012 AQWorlds Calendar now to receive your free in game ChronoCorruptor Class now! For those of you who don’t know, there is only limited stock of this item, so buy it now, or miss out!

Click here to visit HeroMart

Lady Azjurai Wedding

As of February 7th, Lady Azjurai, one of our fellow mods, is married! For more info, please see this post.

I CAN HAS MOD – Round 3!

Most of you are probably aware of the I CAN HAS MOD contest, this is just a friendly reminder that you must purchase your Deluxe Cheezburger before February 13th to be able to enter the contest! Remember, once it disappears,  you can not get it again – ever! Continue Reading →