Skyguard Storyline Continues!

The Hoverbase is under attack! You’ll be shocked to learn that one of your closest Skyguard comrades has betrayed you, you’re going to take matters into your own hands to ensure Lore’s safety.

Head into the depths of the SkyPirate base, where you get to kick some serious pirate behind. Everything your know about this storyline will be turned upside down!

But before you can unveil anything, you’ll have to get past the Chaorrupted SkyPirate General!

SkyGuard Grenadier Class

The Skyguard Grenadier class has arrived! Members can now obtain this class if they have Rank 10 Skyguard reputation. Those who want to take the shortcut way and buy it with ACs will have to wait until next week, where you can purchase this class from Itzachi for 2000 ACs.

Coming Soon
- 3 Etherstorm War – Good, Evil & Desoloth!
- Xan returns to heat things up!
- Lucky Day fair
- The Potionmaker takes up a sword and becomes the Battle-ready PoisonMistress!


All new Skyguard class will be released along with an update to the Skyguard storyline.

  • New class is member only
  • Available for rank 10 members for a one week preview
  • Then released as a 2,000 ac class in Battleon.
  • The rest of the set being available from the Skyguard rep shop.

Class Abilities


2 second cooldown

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Here is your basic attack. Nothing flashy but it gets the job done.

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The New Figures!:D

THAT’S RIGHT! Artix and some other Staff made these epic new AQW Collector Figures (Artix and Sepulchure currently are the only figures!) that will be going on sale this April! They come packed with: The figure itself, 5 EPIC new special cards for the AQWorlds Battle On! Battle Card Game, in AQW they unlock (depending on which figure you buy):

  • Artix Figure- Paladin Highlord Class, Armor, Weapon, Helm and Castle (with a trap door that lets you send your friends to the dungeon!)
  • Sepulchre Figure – DoomKnight Overlord Class, Armor, Weapon, Helm, and Castle (with a trap door that lets you send your friends to the dungeon as well!)

Currently, the price of these figures are unknown HOWEVER when April (full date unknown, just known they shall release in April during a release in AQW called: “DoomWood 2: Reforging the Blinding Light of Destiny”) rolls around, they will sell via Hero Mart and Toys R Us! There will even be ULTRA RARE versions of these figures, black versions of both!:D Currently, it does not seem like these versions however come with any bonus unlockables over the usual unlockables you’ll gain for purchasing them. There will even be a cool ACTION VIDEO using them!:D The current song being used for the video is unknown, but a possible choice is Kimberley’s “Battle On!” song, or if you prefer, One Eyed Doll’s “Battle On!” song.  For more information if not other information, please visit BATTLE COLLECTOR FIGURES ON!>:D


There are two storyline in Bludrut Keep.The first storyline came out in October 2008 and the second one came out this week as Member only storyline.

Here is a quick guide to the original storyline which requires you to be a member and to explore all 4 floors of Bludrut Keep

(The quests must be done in this order and can be done as many times as you like)

To Start: Go to Bludrut Keep in  Skullholme . Then enter the Keep’s First Floor

Step 2: Then speak to the Earth Thief Ghost and complete his two quests

  1. Stone Endurance: Defeat 10 Rattlebones
  2. Heart of Stone: Defeat the Boss Rock Elemental

Step 3: Then proceed to the Keep’s Second Floor and  speak to the Fire Thief Ghost and complete his two quests

  1. Fire Endurance Defeat: 15 Shadow Creepers
  2. Burning Heart: Defeat the Boss Fire Elemental

Step 4: Then proceed to the Keep’s Third Floor and speak to the Shadow Thief Ghost and complete his two quests

  1. Water Endurance: Defeat 25 Sirens
  2. Liquid Soul : Defeat the Boss Ice Elemental

Step 5:Then proceed to the Keep’s Fourth and final floor and speak to the Shadow Thief Ghost and complete his two quests

  1. Dark Endurance: Defeat 40  Shadow Serpents or Wicked Witchs
  2. Heart of Darkness: Defeat the First Boss Evil Elemental
  3. After you defeat the boss their is a bonus battle which gives you  some items if you defeat  the Second Boss Groglurk.
  4. Then you will receive a badge in your Book of Lore.

The first two floors are accessible to everyone and last two floors are for members only. On every floor there is two treasure chests, in one is a map and other is a decoder( tells you where boss is on the map) and on the first two floors their is a third item a pencil( tells you where you were already on the map).

This week, the member mid-week release is coming one day late!
Cysero has been busy with AE and real-life stuff , so the mid-week release will come one day late!

This week, a brand new NPC will be released to Bludrut named Veddrian, the SpiritHunter. She has trained her whole life to become who she is, and that is a hunter of spirits. She either destroys evil spirits who wish to attack and harm the living, or help the spirits move on to the after-life. Recently though, she has been suffering from nightmares of herself as a young girl, in the halls of Bludrut, where her adopted family had found her.

Solrac has made a great deal of SpiritHunter gear, which can be found here! Those items will always be unlockd after you finish the release, and are, as always, members only.


Drip… drip… drip… Rusty brown water drips from holes in the corrugated metal ceiling of the crumbling bunker in the SkyPirate Base where the children are kept. The thin, unceasing sound drills into her ears and would eat away at her resistance if she didn’t keep singing loud enough to drive it away, Nhia thinks to herself.

So, a nice little post on the AQW Design Notes here. It seems as if the grandchildren of the DreamWeaver are also being affected by her magic, held captive by the pirate forces!


Go back and see what’s up for yourself!

Every year on Pancake Day Oishii comes to Visit Yulgar’s Inn and has a shop called: Pancake Day Shop.

New Pets available this year check them out

Here is a list of all items available in the shop for the year 2012.

Type Name Price
Mace Frying Pan 3,500 Gold
Helmet Pancake Hat 12 5,000 Gold
Helmet Pancake Hat W/ Butter 12 5,000 Gold
Helmet Pancake Hat W/ Syrup 12 200 AC
Helmet The Full Stack 12 350 AC
Pet Oolong 12 5,000 Gold
Pet Pancake-topus 12 2,300 Gold
Pet Snowy Pancake Owl 10,000 Gold
Pet Unluckiest Kitten 3,000 Gold

Also released today were two new  items added to Faith’s House Item Shop

House Item Fishing Plaque 1,000 Gold
House Item Fishing Rack 7,500 Gol

Today is Pancake Day. Cysero said, via his twitter “Don’t worry, We didn’t forget about Pancake Day. Master Lunch Lady Oishii will be coming to Yulgar’s a little later today.” So get ready to be getting attacked by pancakes in Yulgars! That Is about it. RECOMMENDED: You wear a helmet to Yulgars!

Also, just got word there will also be MEM-ONLY Pancake pets via Alina on Twitter. Quote: “Pancake-ifying some pets for members on Pancake Day. The fat feast will begin in a few hours!” So I guess you members get some fun items again this year like you did last year or the other years Oishii visited AQW. Most likely other things to, I’d expect some quests as usual lol.

The RELEASE IS NOW LIVE AS QUOTED BY ALINA: “Pancake Day is live! Get your Feat On with the sweetest gear in Lore! Talk to Oishii in Yulgar’s Inn at” So go enjoy the release!:D BATTLE ON!>:D

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Every year during week of February 14th the Hero’s Day Event happens in AQworlds.

In 2010 a area called Love was released as part of the Event here is a quick guide to that area. It was re-released in 2011 & 2012.

Start: Go to Love

Step 2: Speak to Big Daddy and complete his quests

  1. In The Mood: Defeat 5 Mood Slimes.
  2. Hedge Trimmings: Defeat 8 Love Shrubs.
  3. Bear Hugs:  Defeat 4 Huggy-Bears.
  4. Stoopid Kewpid: Defeat Boss: Kewpid.

Then Big Daddy’s Shop will open

Step 3:  Speak to Jim and complete his quests

  1. Paper Heart: Go to Citadel and defeat an Inquisitor Guard.
  2. Imp Ink: Go to Mobius and defeat a Slugfit.
  3. Heart Shaped Scale: Go to Vasalkar Lair and defeat a Red Dragon.
  4. Special Delivery: Delivery a letter from Jim to Pam at well and a cutscene will began.

Then Jim’s Shop will open

After you complete these quests you get a badge in the Book of Lore. You can do each quest as many items as you like.

For a full list items from two shops part of this event click one of the links below

Big Daddy’s Shop

Jim’s Shop