Did Someone Say Dragons?

While the Exiles and Legion are recovering from the recent war, a new threat approaches Delta V that its citizens have never seen before. You will only have a 2 options for survival: attempt to appease the threat peacefully or launch massive attacks at it to send it back to where it originated from. Which one will you choose?

Make Ready

The Slayer is not happy with this incoming threat so he has decided to release his personal armor stash to help duelists in combat. In addition to that, the Dragon Buster sword will be buffed to level 35 and re-released in a new 5 key promotional package. All the previous Dragon*Con themed weapons will also be making their re-appearance in-game.




















Draconic Mutating weapons will leave as soon as Dragon*Con concludes.

The Dragon Slayer Armor will be available for purchase in a promotional package for 5 keys but alternatively, players that come to see EpicDuel at Dragon*Con will be given the armor and the sword for free!

Bye, Bye Bio Borg!









It is finally time for the Bionic Battlegear and Bio Borg promotions to leave the game forever once the Dragon promo is introduced. To all you procrastinators out there that want these weapons, you better hurry up!

The Barrens

The desert wasteland that we know as the Barrens Outpost was not always like this. This area of land was formerly full with rich minerals that Baelius couldn’t resist taking. After he tapped out most of the area’s resources, Baelius used the land as a massive planetary defense grid and installed thousands of turrets.

At times of war, this defense grid was crucial in keeping unwanted visitors from entering Delta V. During the resistance’s partially successful  attempt to break Baelius’ control over the region, the General of the area turned the turrets on his own slaves as an attempt to salvage what he could before being assassinated by his daughter’s personal bodyguard. The blasts from the turrets destroyed the Uprising’s main weapon, which caused a massive explosion that killed most of the area’s life and corrupting what was left.

The Dragon’s Harbinger

The Barrens today is a haven for criminals, outcasts and adventurers. The Legion forces have no intention of reclaiming this area as they have already gotten what they needed from it but now a new force known as Dravax has just appeared from outside the turret field, seeking a being known as Char. Obey and receive mercy or resist and be destroyed.

The Heartbeat of the Universe

                I was browsing the grocery when my communicator rang. I thought it was Eldhi, asking for some spare parts or a tomato, but my heart sank when I saw the tag.

It was Alaric.

Alaric was one of the few who would not assimilate into the Legion.  Aegir said it was too foolish, too dangerous to live as Krampus anymore. I hated Aegir.  The hand he extended was the hand of a conquerer, not a friend.  But, his actions did keep the Administration from slaughtering us, but at the cost of our culture.  Though, I had tried to convince Alaric that we should just sign the marriage papers in Fortune City instead of reassembling the council of elders.  I thought about the card I carried, that gave a false name.  My mother gave me the name Ylwa.  My actions earned me the title Beast Rider.  The card identifies me as Winter Page.  Not the most common, not the most exotic.  But it renders me invisible.

Invisibility.  Invisibility is safety.

The beeping brought me back to reality and I saw the message. “Ylwa and Aegir. Come immediately. The Shaken. Sorry, Shaman.” Oh Alaric. He never understood autocorrect. But his message, mangled as it was, was dangerous. There had to be a reason that he would take the risk of the Legion seeing he was still alive. I paid for my groceries and fled to the mountains.

The abandoned strip mine was cold and dank, and the smell of mildew hit my nose as I entered the cavern.  Aegir had beaten me to our hideout.  Aegir had long ago abandoned his training as a Shaman to join the Shadow Guard, taking the name Edgar Boothe.  But even so, he was seated across from his grandmother, staring into the fire.  Both humming to the sound of the universe.

I made my way around some of the other Krampus who had taken to living in the caves with us to find Alaric.  He had long abandoned his royal finery, pawning the ceremonial armor to buy food for the Krampus orphans, and he was clad in rags.  I embraced my betrothed and kissed him deeply.  The concern was written plainly on his face.

“What is it, my King?”

“The Shaman.  She’s been staring into the fire for days, just humming.  The second I brought Aegir here, he joined her.”

I held Alaric’s hand and we approached the mystics.  They were chanting under their breath, but the chant increased in volume until they screamed the words so loudly that I prayed to the gods that my eardrums would break.  I didn’t understand the language – it was an old tongue used only by Shamans.  The color drained from Alaric’s face, and he ran out into the snow. I followed him.

“What is it?”

“You don’t know what they said?”

“No.  I’m not a Shaman.  Why?  What are they chanting?”

Alaric held me and stared into my eyes.  “The Devil is coming.  The Dragon is here.”


Artix’s Dragon*Con Update!

Every year AE attends a weekend long convention on Atlanta, Georgia called Dragon*Con (ages 15+ recommended). There will be plenty of people walking around in costumes with panels featuring casts from your favourite sci-fi/fantasy TV shows, video games, art galleries and more. From EpicDuel, Titan, Nightwraith, Charfade, and Rabblefroth will all be attending the AE panel and fan table!

  • Artix Entertainment ALL GAMES Panel:  Saturday @ 5:30pm at the Hilton in Grand Salon E!
  • Fan Table: The AE team is taking turns running it all weekend.  Located… um… wherever all the cool fan tables are.

War is Ending… Who Will Prevail?

The final vault door is at half its original HP, but it’s still anyone’s game! Will the Legion prevail and make the Administrator proud, or will the Exiles reach the treasure that lies within the vault first? Keep in mind that the winner of the vault will determine the vault’s contents and the fate of Delta V.

Great Grenades!

A frequently asked question right now is whether the grenades will have varium sellback or not. After careful consideration, the developers have decided that grenades will be sold for credits after the war is over. If you were planning to stockpile and sell grenades for a varium profit, you’re out of luck so you better use those grenades now!


Another issue currently is regarding moderators participating in the war. There are guidelines set in place for moderators that wish to participate and that makes moderators just like regular players. They do not always win, grenades don’t drop more often and being on the leaderboard is prohibited.

Last week’s newly released credit-only weapons were incorrectly tagged as Seasonal-Rare and instead they are Rare. This will be fixed in the upcoming update and all the weapons will gain an extra enhance slot.

Olympic Addendum

The Olympic Achievement to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics was introduced last week but was not mentioned in the patch notes. It is available for 2012 battle tokens in any Achievement Shop across Delta V until August 17th.

Mechachillids? In MY AQW? It’s more likely than you think.

Roggark, one of the many Mechachillid drones, has somehow travelled to BattleOn to look for some new recruits! He will also be selling some discarded mechachillid armors to the inhabitants of Lore, but strangely they can only be used on Lore. If you’re interested and want to read more, head over to the AQW DNs.

While the game testers were busy testing out the new missions last night, they realized that some of the mission texts were vague/unclear. This guide should help you complete all the missions:


Start off at Ulysses, who has 3 missions for you to complete. These missions will require you to win several war battles, turn in an item, and turn in a grenade. After completing those missions, you should head to Charfade, who will have 2 missions for you to complete. After you have finished that, you will be sent back to Ulysses for a final mission.

Then you will be able to start a story chain about the St. Alban family. Selina will first have 1 mission for you to complete, then the Lawman will have 3 and finally Selina will have 2 more. Completing the entire mission chain will award you with an achievement.


Start off at Valestra, who has 3 missions for you to complete. Like the Exile missions, these will require you to win several war battles, turn in an item, and turn in a grenade. After completing those missions, you should head to Habuki, who will have 2 missions for you to complete. After you have finished that, you will be sent back to Valestra for a final mission.

Then you will be able to start a story chain about the St. Alban family, but in Nightwraith and Ella’s point of view. Nightwraith will first have 2 missions for you to complete, then Cinderella will have 2 and finally both Nightwraith and Cinderella will have 1 mission each. An achievement will be rewarded, and it will be the same one rewarded from the Exile mission chain.

Both alignment’s missions are very similar and any player over level 20 should be able to complete them. Except for the final mission, each completed mission will reward you with a grenade that can be used to against the vault.

Go Legion, Go!

Congratulations to Silas Auer’s Legion forces for breaking through the third vault door first! For doing so, they have been granted exclusive access to the Vault Breaker III achievement, along with the Magma Grenade! Don’t give up yet Exiles, your fearless leader The Lawman is counting on you to fight until the end!

The Final Vault Door

If you thought that the first three were difficult enough to break down, wait until you see this one. This is the last Delta Vault Door  separating you from whatever lies behind it. The previous doors were just a warm-up, and the alignment that breaks through this door the first will be declared the winner!

In addition to grenades dropping from battle, War missions will also be added this week, which will also reward you with some grenades! Use these grenades against the Delta Vault to help uncover what is stored behind 4 massive doors.

Also being  added is a new limited-quantity bomb available to both alignments: the Om Nom Bomb! This special grenades summons some mechachillids to nibble on the door.

Some new credit-only Mechachillid weapons will also be coming for both Exile and Legion players and while these will not have any special weapon abilities, they will allow for more players to be able to obtain an item from the war.

Remember that this is the final vault, which means it’s time to use your grenades if you have been stockpiling them. When the war is over, they can be sold so they are no longer a bother in your inventory, but there will not be an incentive for you to keep them.

Safety First!

There have been quite a few reports of people claiming to be Artix Entertainment staff on Facebook, who are scamming players. This just a reminder that AE Staff will NOT ask for your account information! Moderator searches will not be conducted over Facebook but instead via the Design Notes so do not trust anyone asking for your information over Facebook as they are trying to scam you!

Rolith has been working hard trying to get a preview ready of the new Atealan classes! In the Wrath of Wargoth, you already saw a small preview of the possessed versions that were fighting and the power these classes will bring.

The Ateala will finally be able to share their secrets once The Spire opens up, but only to those deemed capable. Be warned as they have some conspiracy theorists that doubt… humans.

Go, Exiles, Go…#RandyNewman

Congratulations go to the Exiles for destroying the second Delta Vault first! If you haven’t been keeping score, that means the Legion and Exiles are tied with 1 vault destroyed each. Which alignment will destroy the third vault first?

Also, the developers would like to clear any suspicions stating that the war is rigged. Both alignments had an equal chance to break the vault and unlock the rewards behind it.s

Vaulting Vaults

The current vault door (#3) will be the last one before the Big One. Behind those doors you will find some new auxiliary weapons (credit and varium), a new Magma Grenade that weakens the vault’s shields and the Vault Breaker III achievement!

The new auxiliary weapons (The Mecha Disintegrator and Mecha Launcher, Super Mecha Destroyer and Super Mecha Launcher) will also come with the Infernal Spirit ability so combine them with the previously released sidearms and armors for optimal damage and defense against the vault!

Also, if this isn’t enough, a new credit only Mechachillid Cruiser will also be coming!

New Missions

If you’re having trouble getting those grenades from drops, report to your Lieutenant (Valestra for Legions, Ulysses for Exiles) for some mission chains that will reward you with some grenades!

Security Awareness Art Contest Winners!

There were many great entries for the art contest and here are the winners!

First up, the Honorable Mentions. These players will be receiving a special achievement exclusive to this contest.

Wind: “EpicDuel Moderator Squidlings, Working Hard to protect you”

Ddog 81: “The BAN-HAMMER!”

Shadow2221: “Free Varium... are you kidding me?”

Blocky Bounty: “Nothing in life is free”

luminitos: “EpicDuel’s Ten Most Wanted List”































































Next up are the First Place winners! In addition to the special achievement, these players will also be receiving a home item and 1500 varium!

2046808: “Authority!”

mieteor: “My Precious”

Battle Elf: “Don’t let evil trick you!”






































And finally, the Grand Prize winner, who gets the achievement, home item and 10000 varium!

..trizzzcentrino.. for the entry “be smart, play safe”!











Congratulations to all the winners! Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t win, try again next time! The prize varium has already been rewarded but you’ll have to wait until Friday for your achievement and house item.


If you’ve checked your calendars recently, you would know that this Friday is the last Friday the 13th of 2012! That means in addition to the continuation of the Infernal Infiltration War, the Friday the 13th achievement will also be making its return.

Legion may have broke the vault door #1 first, but this time Legion and Exile are neck in neck! Keep fighting for your alignment as breaking this door is still anyone’s game.

Master of Unlocking

If the pleasure of breaking a giant metal door and fighting for your alignment isn’t enough, some great rewards will be awaiting you once your crack open that door.

Along with increasing the level cap to Level 35, there will also be plenty of new Level 35 sidearms (both credit and varium) that have the new Infernal Spirit weapon special! This will allow you to inflict +1 damage on the vault and give you +1 defense against its attacks.

Also being introduced in the upcoming update are 4 new grenades, available for purchase and as drops (possibly from war missions in the future)!

  • Stalagrenade: This grenade sticks to the vault door and prevents the vault’s attacks and defenses from increasing over the course of the battle.
  • Crystal Grenade: Essentially giving you a free attack by locking the vault’s defenses.
  • Hammer Grenade: A risky grenade dependant on the RNG that could either deal minimal damage or massive damage.
  • Short Circuit Grenade: Does exactly what the name implies, short circuits the vault and makes it attack itself!

Lucky You!

When you get the time in between those vault battles, you can take a look at AQW’s Friday the 13th event featuring Voltaire, the Beast Maker, and the Sleezter Bunny or HeroSmash’s regular Cirque du Freak in the Fairgrounds.

Well, not quite yet. There is still a long way to go to uncover what Baelius has buried deep in the mines but the first vault door has already fallen to the Legion! The Mechachillids are now beginning to remove the rubble surrounding the next vault door and they should be done soon.

Exiles, don’t give up yet! This is still The Lawman’s turf and you never know what mysterious tricks he has hidden up his sleeves.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

All the Legion warriors that fought to break though those vault doors deserve a reward, so M4tr1x is waiting for you past those broken doors with an achievement and some new rare armors!

My Skeleton; Your Shield

Mechachillids repopulate their numbers by collecting scrap metals and rebuilding. During their growth, Mechachillids may decide to scrap their current shell and search for newer and better metals to rebuild itself. This process is called molting and during the course of the vault breaking, many Mechachillid husks were molted. Although the technology required to reanimate these husks is quite expensive on Delta V, the husks make a great armor that comes with the Exoskeleton skill.


Exoskeletion – Mechachillids were built to withstand many conditions that humans could not and by wearing one of these strong armors, you will be able to withstand some of the Vault’s security systems!

Also, be sure to check the style changing Steve bots around Delta V for 3 new styles for each class/gender (18 total)!

Infernal Interdictor

This new mutating weapon was forged from the same crystal as the Infernal Slayer, but comes with a new Massive Strike skill! You can get one for yourself by visiting the Light Mechachillid outside the entrance of the Refinery, or you can purchase the 10k varium package and receive both the level 25 and 35 variations for free!

Massive Strike – The crystal that the Infernal Interdictor was forged from helps give it an extra boost of strength! This skill makes critical strikes hurt more, and it is also extra effective when attacking those vault doors!



One Level Deeper

As players from both alignments go deeper into the Infernal Mines, more exciting new content will appear as this was develops.

Loyalty is the Key

As the war system is being improved, EpicDuel will be introducing many new and exciting features for each alignment without disrupting any balance. The first one of these features is an Exile and Legion specific shop, which will reward players who are loyal to their alignment. Disturbed, EpicDuel’s newest artist has created some weapons that will go in the shop:













If you’re wondering how you can obtain these weapons, you will first have to complete four missions for Blueprint Scraps:

Refined – Slayer

Dance, Puppets! Dance! – Alydroid

Toxic Love – Lepus

Impious Convictions – The Lawman (Exile Only)

God Prefers a Heretic – Silas Auer (Legion Only)

Once you have gathered all 4 blueprints, you then have to report to The Lawman or Silas to turn them in for an Exile Locker Key or Legion Locker Key. Those keys will grant you access to either the Exile or Legion alignment shop. Keep in mind once you have turned the blueprint scraps in, you will not be able to access the other alignment’s shop.

This system is still new so to avoid any problems, the shops will not be released until next week.

Faction Cannons

The temporary removal of faction cannons will still occur, although it has been moved to next week.


Summer Fun

Even though the team is preparing for the Infernal Infiltration War, you’re not going to be bored with some new thins coming this week in EpicDuel!

Gently Down the Livestream

The EpicDuel team would like to thank everyone that attended the latest ED Developer livestream and will guarantee that Practel will not longer be singing. A recording of the livestream is available so you’ll be able to watch the creation of one of the war NPCs on demand!

New Missions!

Many players were unhappy that the missions last week were for high levels only so this week low levelled players will also be able to play a permanent mission chain!

Even though Delta V is on the brink of war, not everyone is preparing. Brunson’s Mama needs help from players of all levels to help her prepare delicious food. Mid level players should start at Mirv to find their missions. Both chains will reward you with credits and battle tokens, in addition to a special surprise.


EpicDuel has started another contest and Nightwraith wrote a great description of it:

Greetings EpicDuelists!

Summer is drawing closer and closer every day, and what could possibly be better than kicking off summer with a new contest? We want you guys to have tons of fun this summer, but we also want you to be safe. To help remind members of the EpicDuel community how keep their accounts secure, we are requesting your assistance to spread the word through artwork! The objective of this contest is to create a poster like this one based on “The EpicDuel Moderation Team and the importance of account safety.” To reward your creativity, we will be issuing the following prizes:

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive the 10,000 Varium Package, an achievement, and a home item.
  • 3 Runner Ups will receive 1,500 Varium, an achievement, and a home item.
  • 5 Honorable Mentions will receive an achievement.

The contest will run from Tuesday, May 29th till Sunday, July 1st.

When submitting, please obey the following rules or your entry will be disqualified.

  • Design must be inspired by EpicDuel
  • Your entry must be entirely made from you, and must be original work.
  • You may use any form of media for your entry. (Pencil, Flash, etc)
  • Do not change your entry or edit your forum post until the winners are selected.
  • Only one entry can be submitted per person.
  • The poster must be made in the theme of “Importance of the Moderation Team and account security.”
  • Make sure that you provide a VALID URL to your photo. Try using a reliable photo uploader like Photobucket, TinyPic or Twitpic.
  • Entries without working links or entries requiring a login to access will not be considered.
  • You have until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, July 1st to submit your entry. 

The team is looking forward to seeing your entries in a soon!

Stay safe and good luck to everyone!


Contest Entry Format

EpicDuel Name:
Title of Entry:
Image link:


In order for your entry to be accepted, it MUST be posted in this thread.