Hey guys, I’m back!

Nulgath has updated Oversoul again, adding a new card, more music, a battle engine revision, and he fixed some bugs!
The new card is the “Counter Strike”  card, which is a special for Spear Natives and Recruits.

The battle engine has been revised, making new play orders for defence, attacks and spells.

Sound effects have been added for spell cards, and a sound effect for your card movements has also been added.

The bug fixes were:

Fixing the bug that caused PvP battles to freeze while loading.

Several battle errors that were caused by the server (desyncs) have been fixed.

And finally, a bug that caused the wrong spell effects to play (which caused more desyncs) has been squashed.

And some say, the Alpha Pirate is going to change his hiding spot soon. He won’t even appear there any more.

That’s all for now folks.

This week, another battle poll is emerging! This time, it isn’t a weapon. This time, it’s an armor set! In this new pool, you get to make the decision between a heavy leather armor, or a steel and cloth tunic. The winning armor will be made, but as for the loser, it shall perish, most likely never to be seen again, and forgotten. The poll following this one will decide what special evolution this armor has, like extra padding, a clickable shield etcetera etcetera.

Over the course of the next few days, the overdue Polistar items will start appearing in the PvP shop. The helm and the armor were BOTH added on the weekend!

The clock has been ticking in HeroSmash and it is finally time. It’s time for a scavenger hunt! Golden Claw, who is in the “Ruins”, has found a precious, gold-decorated treasure chest FULL of amazing, rare,but damaged treasure. If you are willing to stick your hand up to help him, Golden Claw will happily share half the treasure with you, but only if you help him repair it. You will have to search EVERYWHERE in game. High and low, monsters and more monsters! These monsters will have the necessary items needed to repair the treasure.

But Wait There’s More…

Ol’ Saint Patrick and his joyous day have left for the year, and will not show their faces for a mere 365 days.
A new armor, with clickable arms, has been added to Golden Claws treasure shop, and a RARE Trident, which will depart next Friday. There is no difference in the items when comparing the Smash Coin or Members one, only different price options.

In the updates coming soon, the Player Suggestion shop will see an expansion!

If you want to see your favourite weapon, that you have personally made, in-game, please, post on the forums, and not the twitter page!

The next update will be April Fools Day. I’m kidding. Or am I?


Don't leave us! We love you!

The Hero Heart Day shop has gone until next year, when Valentines Day returns!

Keep your eyes peeled, because the random shop will be getting some new weapons, called the Basic and Legendary Power Cores for both Heroes and Villans!

So, what are Power Cores for you ask? Will the be the power source for a weapon you merge later on, which will be hard to get as the rest of the pieces could be anywhere, anyway? The rest of the parts of this mystery item will not be in-game quite just yet, but since the Daily Shop is random, the team at Herosmash is giving you the chance to hunt around for the first part starting at Midnight, American Eastern Standard Time. So after that, check the shop everyday, because who knows? One day you might find that one special part you need.

This week, the member mid-week release is coming one day late!
Cysero has been busy with AE and real-life stuff , so the mid-week release will come one day late!

This week, a brand new NPC will be released to Bludrut named Veddrian, the SpiritHunter. She has trained her whole life to become who she is, and that is a hunter of spirits. She either destroys evil spirits who wish to attack and harm the living, or help the spirits move on to the after-life. Recently though, she has been suffering from nightmares of herself as a young girl, in the halls of Bludrut, where her adopted family had found her.

Solrac has made a great deal of SpiritHunter gear, which can be found here! Those items will always be unlockd after you finish the release, and are, as always, members only.


Dracelix has been hard at work designing the area around the Blue Mage, Warlic’s tent. The project is massive, and the zone won’t be done for a few weeks still, but here is a sneek-peek of it

Dracelix has done an amazing job hasn’t he?

Dracelix is also constantly thinking up new ideas for the zone, like expanding it!

The team at DragonFable would like to know what you want in it. More Elementals? More faeries? More of the Avatars? Tell them in a post on the forums!

For all of those who didn’t know, Heromart has released a brand-spankin’ new T-Shirt!

The new T-Shirt “I’m on a boat” features Adventure Quest’s Classic death on his Gondola welcoming and greeting you to his underworld!

Along with the shirt, you get a special in-game item which is the VERY large Death’s Reaver Scythe for your character in-game Adventure Quest!

On another Heromart note, Heromart is rapidly running out of mod packs for the Battleon Battle Card Game, and there are still a few 2012 calanders, but the stocks are dwindling away, so grab them while you can, because they do not last forever, and once they are gone, Artix Entertainment does not plan on re-printing them!


This week, Nulgath and Ebilcorp will be giving you a sneek-peek at the character tree system for their newest game, Oversoul.

When you are is possession of a character, they begin at level 1, with no alignment. As soon as you reach a certain level, you will be given the option to change your appearance on the character tree.

You start as a lowly Apprentice,  then progress up to become a Veteran, then a Champion, and finally, a Master!

In the picture supplied below, you will find some examples you shall find in-game:

Types of Character Trees:

  • Common and Rare Character Trees: The Character Tree will be a key part of the game because it allows you to change not only your appearance but your card deck and elemental standing marked by the colored globes. As you can see above, you have many paths to take but not all characters will have such a broad selection. Most Character Trees will only reach Veteran or Champion. Only very rare characters will have ALL of the tree open to them and be able to reach the Master levels. Some Character Trees may reveal a new character for you to unlock after completeing a quest or objective.
  • Character Trees with Customizable Card Decks: Some Character Trees will give players the ability to customize their card decks with all the character cards the player has unlocked within that particular Character Tree. These Character Trees would only be allowed one elmental standing and for good reason. We don’t want Lava monsters spewing ice bolts or Vampires casting light spells for example. As th game progresses we may allow elements that don’t clash to work together. Like the Neutral element being allowed to mix with any other element. Or maybe a Lich that can cast both Shadow and Ice spells. So as you can see the Character Tree plays a variety of roles when developing your characters.
  • Endless Variety of Characters: There is no standard character model in Oversoul. Which means almost any kind of character you can think of can be played in Oversoul as long as they aren’t too big. The Character Tree allows characters to make dramatic transformations from say a human to a vampire, werewolf, slime, clouds, inanimate objects, clowns, birds, ninja, swarm of bugs or even to a dragon.(Medium sized dragons.) The possibilities of progression are endless! But some of you might like the early look of your character so there will be the ability to lock your appearance or reset your choices.



Go buy some bait and a fishing rod, because we’re going fishing, AQW STYLE!

With 30 ranks for you to complete, by catching all the fish in Lore, you’ll be battling against the seas rulers from Rank 1:Fishmonger all the way through to Rank 30: King Fisher.

With rewards like Mystic Fishstick Staff to the Runed Master Angler armor, you’ll be looking like an expert in no time! (Something smells fishy here… maybe it is the Fish armor I’m wearing?)

As a bonus, for doing the first quest, which will get you access to start the mini-game, you’ll get 80 ACs worth of Dynamite so you can blast the water and shower in a rain of fish.

Once you reach Rank 30 in your new tradeskill, fishing, you’ll find a pretty badge sitting in your Book Of Lore! (The character page badge will be coming NEXT week, so don’t worry about that!)

As a bonus, if you catch the mystifying, elusive DUM-fish, you will unlock the amazing Derp Moosefish Achievement!

New items coming this week!

  • Rune Master Angler armor
  • Mystic Fishstick
  • Mysterious Fish and Flopping Fish Pet (member-only)
  • Fish Suit, Fishin’ Rod Continue Reading →

So many things happening this week!

Artix Entertainment is having a HUGE week!

Here’s a small briefing on what will happen in the next seven days:

  • Fishing Trade Skill!
  • The Old Heroes Hearts Day returns!
  • AQW’s first EVER carnaval shop!
  • New quests from Dage The Evil in his current location, Shadowfall.
  • I CAN HAZ MOD! Winner selected!
  • MEMBER BONUS! Bonus Member Item when buying AC packs
  • MEMBER BONUS! Reserve your AQ3D user names! (Note, this is not he start of Alpha, just reserving your names!)
  • Items are departing. Get them while you can!