How long have you been in AE, 10 years maybe? 10 YEARS – Time flies! All of AE’s major games will be doing something special… I mean, something BIGGER and CRAZIER than special! Join your fellow adventurers in all of the 6 MAJOR games on Friday, October 12th at 6 PM Eastern! (That’s this coming Friday)

There’s so much more coming this month, here’s a lineup of what you can expect!

  • 10th Anniversary Event – Friday, October 12th
  • AQ Classic’s 10th Anniversary Quests – Friday, October 19th
  • Rolith and Alina’s Wedding Event – Friday, October 19th in AQWorlds!
  • HeroMart to release an Anniversary Shirt and the 2013 AE Calender
  • EpicDuel’s 3rd Anniversary
  • AQWorld’s 4th Anniversary
  • MechQuest’s 5th Anniversary – LIVE, check out the party under Tek’s Mechs.
  • Special… Secret Release on Mogloween Night!



October 1st was the day MechQuest turned 5, and GEARS University is celebrating this huge milestone under Tek’s Mechs (ride the Floorivator to get to the party)! This year, the Wrapped Nubertron is the anniversary Mech, but some of the Mechs from the previous anniversaries can be picked up for NGs. Also be sure to check out the new items for your Starship, including the Wrapped Nubertron Action Figure!

This new Mech has some awesome specials, Nuberizing – lower the level of the opponent, and a combo to increase the damage of the Front Arm are just some of many other effects! You can obtain this Mech by playing the Scrap’s Delight minigame. Avoid the fish and aim for the sweets, and once done with that, just head over to the prize shop and by yourself some Gold Tokens (For the SC Version) and Silver Tokens (for the Non-SC Version). Merge these tokens with the classic Newbatron until you get to the desired level.

Don’t forget to head to Dean Warlic’s Office and see Char for a new Wormhole-tech Front Arm – the Dimension Shaker!



Mogloween is coming, and the Harvest Festival is coming to Delta V in a matter of days! In the spirit of the event, the duelists around Delta V dress up in a cool and scary outfit. The game staff are looking for some of YOUR creative hairstyles to be placed in-game, however hairstyles submitted need not be related to Halloween. All head designs must be drawn, digitally or traditionally – absolutely NO screenshots should be used in your entry.

Nightwraith has uploaded some templates for you to use, though. You may import them into the drawing program of your choice, or print them out and draw right on it! Male Templates can be found here, Female templates can be found here. One entry per person – and entire set of hairstyles for all classes and genders can count as one entry.

But wait… no contest is complete without PRIZES! Here are the prizes to be handed out to the winners:

1 Grand Prize Winner - 1500 Varium, 1000 Rating Point Achievement, all the hairstyles in-game up to the point the winner is declared, and the style they created added into the game permanently!

5 Winners - 1500 Varium, Achievement, Style featured in-game permanently.

Submissions for the contest can go to the forums. Good luck!

After surviving a Dragonoid Attack, Delta V is being invaded with another threat – Chairman Platinum and EbilCorp. The chairman and his army of corporate ninjas are heading to Fortune City to claim the entire planet in the name of his corrupt enterprise!

Chairman Platinum believes you must dress for success, and for that reason, EbilCorp scientists have designed a unique power suit – the Platinum’s Pride, which comes with the Chairman’s Fury bonus, to unleash an uppercut and steal 25% of your opponent’s rage. The armor comes in Level 35 and 25 versions, also available as promotional armors in the 5 key and 3 key varium packages respectively.

Moar evil comes in Delta V as Dage takes up residence in Delta V. He’s offering some awesome guns that do splash damage (hit multiple targets in 2vs2) as well as an evil bike – Dage’s Blood Rider! Ride away with some evil gear from Dage himself.

Chairman Platinum can be found in Fortune City, if you want to talk to EbilCorp’s boss himself, while Dage the Evil can be found in the Minetower!

Two new rare shops are live this Wednesday (today!) in Battleon! Balboa has some new battle pets trained to fight with you when using classes such as the Necromancer. Each time Balboa updates his shop, one of the AC pets goes rare permanently. This week, the Fightin’ Frogzard, pictured below with Alina, goes rare for this shop. Battle pets are a member only perk, so naturally, all pets in this shop are member only.

But wait, every hero and his trusty sidekick needs a home! J6 is offering 3 new houses, 1 member only and 2 that costs ACs (1000 ACs, to be exact). Head down to Battleon to get some huge houses based off some Temple maps across Lore!

And don’t forget, J6′s wedding event comes on Friday, with a new house being brought in as well!


October is a significant month for Artix Entertainment. Tons of anniversaries and awesome events are to come during the next month. Artix Entertainment celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this month, truly a huge milestone for the company! While in AQWorlds, the game turns 4, coming with a brand new 4th Upholder achievement and a new rare sword next month!

October 1st is also a very special day for MechQuest… this year the game turns half a decade old! The MQ community has an annual tradition of holding a Q/A session with significant people in the MQ Team – ‘Ask Me Anything.’ This year, Plasma Charge and Practel, two of the MQ Gremlins ArchKnights, will be the ones taking your questions. Both are now familiar faces on the MQ Design Notes, so it’s just fitting that you get to know them!

Throw some questions over to them here and in the coming weeks, both Plasma Charge and Practel will be answering your questions in the Design Notes.

Happy anniversary, MechQuest!

The in-game wedding event for J6 and Cinazul starts this Friday! A week ago, Artix flew to Montreal, Canada to attend their REAL wedding, but since we couldn’t make it, the in-game event is set for next release. Cysero’s written up an epic event, so be sure to come and celebrate!

Rare Event Items:

  • Silver Eternal Flame
  • J6 Wedding Cake Helm
  • Honeymoon Hyperium House
  • And more!

J6 has also been making some houses for you to party in! There will be house versions of the Temple of Hope and Cleric Temple.

Meet Balboa, trainer of pets to make them fight alongside the heroes of Lore! This Wednesday or Thursday, he’ll set up shop in Battleon and offer you some companions to fight with! Samba will be giving more information on what to expect from the shop tomorrow!

The Dragonoid Saga is getting close to an epic finale, with an epic cutscene coming! See Charfade ingame to find out more about what is to happen to Mirv, the Dragonoid and Dravax!

You can now purchase hairstyles forever, with switching colors only having to cost credits once you own the style. If you unlock enough hairstyles, you might get one of the Stylist achievements. Visit the Steve Bots ingame to customize yourself now!

Don’t forget that if you follow the ED Game Staff on Twitter, you might be able to receive some FREE items. The game staff have been tweeting out codes periodically which can be redeemed at City Guards across the game for free stuff.

Arrr! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, and to join in the spirit, AE’s games have pirate themed content released!

In AQWorlds, Quibble returns with pirate themed items and a Pirate Quibble Bank Pet. On top of that, Quibble has some missions for you to complete, with a character page badge awaiting you at the end of the chain!

BigTuna returns with 20 TLaPD themed weapons in EpicDuel. Be sure to visit her in the West Naval Yard! Don’t forget that the Dragon’s Reckoning event is still ongoing. Visit Charfade and Dravax in the Barrens and defeat the Dragonoid Brain!

A strange Elven Pirate has appeared at Falconreach in DragonFable. Rumor has it that the pirate is carrying a chest full of spoils from a distant land!

Captain Rhubarb returns to Soluna City in MechQuest. Unlock the chests from his missions that hold the Pieces of Eight, which can be used to unlock his special event shop! Newly animated and colored Swashbuckler heads are also available this year!

The Talk Like a Pirate Day Shop is now available in HeroSmash, get your pirate gear before they leave!

The Pirate Quiz returns in Classic AdventureQuest, as well as several weapons and new pirate heads!

Don’t forget to head to OverSoul‘s Alpha Test, the new Alpha Pirate can now be captured. You’ll find him if you look hard enough!

Let out your battle ARRRR and head ingame now to join in the spirit of TLaPD!


Head over to AQWorlds now because guilds are now available! If you’re a Member, you can create a guild, free of charge, by typing in /gc <guild name> in the chatbox. Non-members are now able to join guilds as well, so be sure to join one!

Once that’s done, head over to J6 in /Battleon, he has some quests for you and your guild! You’ll have to team up if you want to complete his Bounty Quests, and you’ll be able to get some awesome items as a reward!

And don’t forget that the 4th Upholder is coming! You’ve already qualified if your upgrade lasts on or after November 1st! You can also qualify by upgrading for a minimum of 3 months during the month of October!