The time has come. You have waited for it and now it is possible.

With the release of DoomWood Part 2, players will be able to reforge the fabled Blinding Light of Destiny.


World Premiere!?.
Today, after the live draw event (which the Everything Lore staff will be attending), players will be welcome to view a stop motion video. This video will show the amazing and epic battle between our hero Artix and the dreaded Sepulchure.
Video Stopmotion

Action Figure Update
Because the Stopmotion video was created using the “Soon to be released on HeroMart” action figures, Artix revealed what will in-game treasures will be included with the figures.

Artix (Paladin) figure includes:
*5 exclusive cards for the AQworlds Card Game
*Paladin’s Castle – with working trap door.
*Palaidn HighLord Class
*PaladinHighlord’s Armor
*Artix’s Helm (not that he ever wears it… you should though!)
*Highlord’s Battleaxe of Destiny (Similiar to the Blinding Light)

Sepulchure (DoomKnight) figure includes:
*5 exclusive cards for the AQworlds Card Game
*DoomKnight’s Castle – with working trap door.
*DoomKnight Overlord Class
*DoomKnight Overlord’s Armor
*Sepulchure’s Helm (ULTRA RARE)
*Overlord’s DoomBlade

Not only are the in-game items AMAZING but so too are the figures themselves. The special “Black Armor” of the figures are going to be VERY LIMITED so grab one when you can.Artix expects them to become extremely rare and desirable in the future.

Black Figures

Well, that is it for now. Make sure to check back for future updates!

No, Artix is not telling us how to start meaningful relationships. He posts today about the female model for AQ3D. She is named Poly the Countess*

Artix posts that the gateway to the soul is through the eyes so the Team has been working hard or achieving the perfect eyes for the model. As you can see, many edits have been made since the bare model AE originally posted and I feel this amazing transformation will continue.

Best of luck “Getting the Girl” AE!


Amazing Akiba!

Artix also tells us about the Japanese town of Akiba, or Akihabara. You may recognize the town from an area in-game in AQWorlds. That area was inspired by Artix’s many journeys as well as his love for the town. He describes what can only be called Otaku Heaven. I hope to visit there one day!


Well, that is the update for today! Make sure to comment below if you would like to share a thought or if you have any requests on pieces we should report on.

Nafets Out!

*Poly the Countess is a play on the term Polycount.


Greetings Everything Lore Readers,

Boy, do we have an update for you. Today we are discussing the winner of the latest I Can Has Mod contest and his wish, new treasures from the treasure chests, J6′s live stream (today) and more.

Congratulations to Knave1:

Knave1 was chosen as this ICHM contest’s winner. Alina and Cysero met with Knave1 in-game and hung out for a bit. When asked what he wanted his wish to be Knave1 wished to become a NPC during a week long release of his own design. The release will be based on Knave1 (being King Alteon’s personal UndeadSlayer) needing everyone’s help to defeat a massive Undead God and close the portal to his Death Realm.

The Final Cheezeburger will turn into the GodSlayer armor which will be crafted by Dage.

Creating such an event will take some time so don’t expect it soon… but when it does come out… Battle On!

P.S. If you see Knave1 in-game… give him some love!

J6 Stream:
Today, J6 will be preforming a live drawing. He will draw an item and then that item will become an in-game item.

The Draw Is Live! Try joining /stream!
More Treasures!
Everyone loved Vikings. This Friday, a viking armor and helm will be added to the treasure chest drops. This armor looks great and will be sure to strike fear into your enemies!

Sadly, due to technical issues, the ability to import items from AQ/DF/MQ into AQW will not be possible. Even though AE must lay the idea to rest, AE promises many amazing things to make up for it such as guilds tradeskills.

Today, Kiara gives us a nice update about the progress of AQ3D as well as asks what we think about it. Yergen and Thyton have come up with an amazing storyline for the game. I, personally, am very curious about said storyline and will be digging for more details. Now that they have a storyline the team is starting to work on the finer details.

Kiara asks:
*How do you feel about voice acting in our existing games so far? Would you like to see more voice acting in the 3D game? Would you like someone famous to voice act a major boss or are you happy with anyone as long as the voice acting is done well?

*Which are you looking forward to more: questing with your friends or by yourself? (This is just a curiosity question. You will be able to do both, of course.)

*Are you looking forward to discovering hidden quest lines and secret areas in the new world?

*What do you think is missing in other games that you would love to see in AQ3D?

If you would like to answer these questions and/or give a few of your own ideas to the staff you can comment on Kiara’s post located at (

Artix Stands Strong!
It seems the war is no where near over. Kiara thinks that even though this is the biggest invasion the world has seen in years, Artix will prevail. Let’s all wish him luck!

Today, Yergen took a break from creating dungeons to show us a possible location in AQ3D. He posted two bits of concept art from Llussion.

Massive Castle Walls

Town Square

Thyton, Llusion, and Yergan design a kingdom as one would in real life. The focus mostly on protecting the kingdom by imagining how they would be attacked.

Hopefully, using this strategy, they will be able to design amazing cities and kingdoms for us to explore.

The portal is open! Now begins the first stage of AQ3D! I have already claimed Nafets as my name. If you would like to claim a name for yourself and recieve special points for doing so, click the image below. You will be warped to a site with an amazing flythrough of the 3D world. You may have to download a plug-in to be able to view it but no worries; as soon as you download the plug-in you will be able to Claim Your Name!

Battle On!

We told you we would update you, so hear it is.

You may remember the bug attack that caused pre-registration to AQ3D to be canceled. Well, next Thursday at 6pm EST, pre-registration will open. You can check if you qualify by logging into your Master Account at

Update 2: It seems that AE has lost the battle between themselves and the bug. After much work, Artix has decided to reschedule the pre-registration.

As an apology, Artix has increased pre-registration from being worth 100 alpha points to 200 alpha points.

Also, if you are not sure if you will be allowed to pre-register you can check by logging into your MASTER account at

We are so sorry for all of you who stayed up to register your names. We will update you with whatever information we receive.

Update 1: It seems that the master bug did arise. Account creation has been pushed back. Artix is now meeting with coders to see what is going on. We will keep you posted!

Best of luck AE!

Today is the day! Today, around 6:00pm EST, anyone who has ever supported Artix Entertainment will be able to reserve their name for AQ3D. If you have:

  • Upgraded to Membership and/or bought ACs in Adventure Quest Worlds.
  • Upgraded to Membership and/or bought SmashCoins in
  • Bought Varium in EpicDuel.
  • Bought Sparkle Gems in Pony Vs. Pony.
  • Bought a Dragon Amulet, DragonCoins, or a Elemental Unity Trinket in DragonFable.
  • Became a AQ Guardian and/or bought Z-Tokens in Adventure Quest.
  • Became a Star Captain in MechQuest and/or bought NovaGems in Mech Quest.
  • Became a WarpGuardian and/or bought Z-Tokens in WarpForce.

then you can reserve your name tonight.


How can I get my name for AQ3D?

It will take place tonight (unless the bug monster rises from the grave and destroys us all), right here. You must have support one of our games (any game) to qualify. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to tonight (Feb 16th, 2012 at approx 6pm EST). There will be a new post with a GIANT BUTTON.
  2. Make sure you have an Artix Entertainment account (The one login to rule them all).
  3. Make sure ALL of your game accounts are linked to this Artix Entertainment account.
  4. If you have ever supported us by Upgrading or becoming a Member in any of our previous games, you will be able to reserve your AdventureQuest 3D game name. Remember, you can only reserve one name. So choose the one the gaming community best knows you by.
  5. Continue checking daily for development news and tests… tests… more tests! (to get Alpha points!)

Good luck at getting your name!
Battle On!

Thank goodness!

Today Artix has told us that they have received their precious project, AQ3D, back from Ebilcorp. To see the footage from the heroic raid watch the video above.

Now that AQ3D has returned to Artix Entertainment, they have revamped

Let us prepare of AQ3D. It is going to be big!

Nulgath Leaves!?
Chairman Platinum has announced that Nulgath is now working with him to create “a game without rules.” The came can be found at . Though this is a loss, I feel that we, the players of the game, gain something new regardless.

EbilCorp had posted pictures of their weekend vacation. I can only imagine how powerful and evil they must be to golf like this:

For a complete update, please watch the included video. Keep in mind that the video is for EbilCorp employees only so do not tell anyone where we got it.