The 3rd episode of the Xan story will be beginning later today (so you best catch up on any story line you missed!) with plenty of gear from Samba, Dage, Aranx and others.

Quick list of twitpic previews for the upcoming event:


Alchemy Trade Skills

The much anticipated alchemy trade skills will be arriving in a server near you today.

Now just this picture had me scratching my head and according to Alaina it’s pretty darn complicated. Remember Warlic’s store in AQ? Now think that but much more complicated with a lot more possible outcomes I wont be surprised if there are a lot of green face players tonight. There will be a lot of temperature control and random guessing to figure out what makes what, all with a very nice reward shops for those who can figure out what on earth to do!

Also don’t forget quibble leaves Monday so buy your investment trinkets quick!

The guys at AE, have been testing out the new motion capture feature which will (obviously) be featured in AQ3D,

Prehaps this will be used for far more advanced NPC scenes?

Voltaire is returning to Lore with promise of Clones, bombs and “Bunees” (No that’s not a typo) the creepist bunee (and first) that we have ever seen, Sleezter. Sleezter’s bunny army will terriorize With eggs so spoiled they’ll rot your flesh,immense bomb blasting, and and mass replicating clones. Along with this release will be available pets from HeroMart! Check it out now.


Log into your Dragonfable account now and check out the new release, featuring the grenwog, marshmellows pips have been hidden throughout lore, if you find them all you can battle the grenwog and obtain the rare grenwog egg which can be merged for new grenwog helms.

Check out the official forum for more info.



The anomaly that’s been completed with great thanks to tomix with great thanks to Ghost and True Mortal for the weapons

The Civil District of Atrea is now open for exploration! You can replay the Rift War through Zon’Izz or find Yolande, the lady in waiting of the Atealean Queen, to help secure the new home of the Ateala from the dangers of the surrounding desert.

The three new randoms all drop paraginium, the stone that was used to build the city. You can turn in the resource to Moab to get new wings, a new helm or the Hunger Blossom Scythe. Two of the new randoms also drop items sets! The Night Annex and Lifenel sets will drop in the desert quests. If you just want to farm paraginium head to the caves!

The coming weeks will see Atrea expand as Tomix finishes up more districts!


Also Faith has been asking for t-shirt designs for heromart, you can help out here:  https://twitter.com/#!/HeroMart 

The side of evil has beaten those fighting for good.

And so now we must face the final boss fight, with the primes aiding us in out battle!

In the 3 way war on the elemental planes evil has won! It was a very quick war with players fighting non stop for the 100% of there chosen affliction, with great thanks to yorumi an advanced engine adjustment means that the elemental primes will be aiding us throughout your fight.

Awww, cute little thing from avatar died...

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The official countdown has begone! 3 and a half hours left until the registration opens for AE’s all new 3D MMO AQ3D!

Admittedly I had my doubts on the game but the previews for it have been truly impressive, but opinion aside these are the facts!

To register you need a  Portal Battleon Account and you will also need to have upgraded, in any ae game, for this.

Make sure your there right on time to get the name you want.

No 3D glasses required.

(Don’t forget to install Unity Webplayer if you dont already have it! http://unity3d.com/webplayer/)

All new Skyguard class will be released along with an update to the Skyguard storyline.

  • New class is member only
  • Available for rank 10 members for a one week preview
  • Then released as a 2,000 ac class in Battleon.
  • The rest of the set being available from the Skyguard rep shop.

Class Abilities


2 second cooldown

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Here is your basic attack. Nothing flashy but it gets the job done.

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Previously it was strength, now the challenge is that of strength!

In the previous quest, you had your patience tested while in search of the hidden Forest Gate and the guards that stand sentinel there. In this week’s release, you’ll finally be able to fight Wolf and Bear in a boss fight!  The quality they will be testing is Strength. As you might know, strength is necessary, but just one of the many, many qualities you need being a hero. If you succeed in this challenge, your journey will be continued, and as you progress, all the important qualities will be tested!

Don’t forget to check it out in the upcoming release!