Congratulations Sameermega on being selected February 2012′s Contributor of the Month

But who will claim the title for March..?

Hey there, wiki editors! Here we all are again with another Contributor of the Month contest! To enter, all you need do is post your AQWorlds Wiki username below (Please double check that it’s spelled right, caps sensitive and all that, or you will be invalid to win!) or nominate someone else who you see editing a lot! At the end of the month, the various SysOps of AQWorldswiki will choose one winner! This winner will be someone with a lot of good edits who deserves the prize! Courdeals the winner be you?Who doesn’t like prizes? The reward for achieving Contributor of the Month is $10 Ultimate Game Card in the form of an electronic gift certificate!The selected contributor as well as the 2nd and 3rd place runner ups will have their names lit up permanently on a leaderboard on AQWorldswiki, which can be found here: Congratulations to all those who have won in the past!
Basic Info & Guidelines
~Contributor of the Month will be chosen at the end of the month
~The chosen contributor will be deemed the ‘ Contributor of the Month’ and will also receive a  $10 Ultimate Game Card
~Emphasis will be put on game article edits; user related pages, clan pages do not count
~SysOps of cannot participate
~Grammatical and Syntactical quality of your edits will influence your chance to get the contributor of the month title.
~In order to be in the running, your username must be posted below.
-Must have at least 10 edits in total prior to entering.
~You may not enter or be entered if you have been selected as winner in the past two months/competitions
~If you want to nominate somebody for the title you may post their user name belowSign up now! :D
Dan montoya Aqw
Mwtexcelion – Please activate your email!
Clent Garcia
Brytonik Leegend
If you are listed as ‘Declined’, it was found you had no, or insufficient valid edits on AQWorldsWiki during the month of March.

Final Round!

The last round of the I Can Has Mod contest has begun! Speak to Cleric Joy in Battleon to obtain the Last Deluxe Cheezburger. Remember, you get +1 extra chance for every month left on you membership, along with every AEXtra you complete.

The drawing will be held on the March 30th, so get in there now! Inether extremely lucky chance that you win, make sure that the e-mail attached to your account is active and working.

Here are the recently updated contest rules:

#1: Unknown

#2: In the event that a wish will break fundamental game play, upset a player or group of players, or in any way result in problems or complications for the staff or game… a Genie Lawyer will be summoned from the forbidden plane of litigious wishes. If the wish was made with good intentions, the Genie will begin to negotiate a wish that will benefit the wish maker. If the wish was made out of spite, hate, greed or bad intentions, the Genie is allowed to use their powers of “wish legalese” to re-interpret the wish. If the genie is “unclear” on a certain part of the wish… even if it makes perfect sense to everyone else, the Genie is allowed to ask random players online questions and replace parts of the original wish with their answer.

#3: Any wish for an item will turn ALL Golden Cheezburgers in the game into the item that was wished for.

#4: Unknown

#5: If a wish is made for something that does not exist, it will be created as long as it is original. If it is a selfless wish, it will be created with love and care. If it is a greedy or hurtful wish, another randomly selected player will be chosen to make a counter wish, which may produce unexpected and unfortunately results upon the original wisher.

#6: Unknown

#7: Unknown

#8: Unknown

#9: Any wish that requires a lot of coding and might break the AQW programming team or make said team cry (i.e. Class, Entire Zone, All New Functionality) can only be wished for once per calendar year. Once that item has been wished for another items in this category cannot be wished for again until one year from the granting of the previous wish as elapsed.

#10: Unknown, and oh man, this one is 100% insane. Please never unlock it.

The unknown rules can only be unlocked by a wish that breaks that certain rule.

You’re probably wondering why this contest is getting shut down. The previous wish was welcomed with an overwhelming amount of complaints by the AE community. Additionally, it is a waste of time & resources for the AE team which could go into making more awesome stuff.

Hopefully, this contest will return in another way, shape or form. Meanwhile, congratulations to all the previous winners and thanks for wishing some awesome wishes!

Who will YOU fight for?

AQWorld’s first 3-way War has broken out in Etherstorm! Choose to fight for either Good, Evil or…Desoloth! The winning side will forever affect the outcome of the Etherstorm storyline! So /join firestorm today, who will be the winner? If you are not caught up in thesatori line, don’t worry, you will still be able to participate.

AC Grenadier & Dracomancer

You can now purchase the AC versions of Dracomancer & Grenadier from Itzachi in Battleon, or from their respective rep vendors.

Epic War Rares

Each side has their own unique war rares, so you will have to battle the monsters on those sides to get their war rares!

  • Color Custom Dragarian Armor!
  • Color Custom Dragarian Helm!
  • Copper Rainment of the Black Dragon!
  • Silver Rainment of the Black Dragon!
  • Gold Rainment of the Black Dragon!
  • Crowned Cowl!
  • The Slay Blade!
  • Vitae’s Breath Staff!
  • Dragon Pike Polearm!

Happy Birthday Dage & Solrac

Dage & Solrac both had their birthdays this week! To celebrate this, Dage has created a birthday shop in Battleon, containing the rare Paragon Pet!

  • Paragon Pet – 2,000 ACs
    Must complete Legion quests to purchase!
  • Legion Vampire Armor – 1,000 ACs
  • Legion Vampire Helm – 100 ACs
  • Vampire Bat Cape – 200 ACs
  • Legion Vampire Scythe – 500 ACs
  • Dark Caster Hair – 100 ACs
  • Dage’s DeathKnight Armor – 800 ACs

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi oi oi!

I Can Has Mod contest winner Herzer Herring has wished for a shop to celebrate Australia Day a month late! Now you too, can share her passion for Australia! Holders of Cheezburgers can trade in their Cheezburgers for the Australia Opera House.

  • Mick Dundoo Armor and hat!
  • Mick Dundoo Dual-Bowie Knives!
  • Boomerang and Green-Gold version!
  • Cricket bat!
  • Rugby Armor!
  • Barry the Platypus pet!
  • Ripper the Kangaroo pet!
  • Aussie Opera House House!
  • Australian Flag house item!
  • Crocodile-skinned rug house item!


Skyguard Storyline Continues!

The Hoverbase is under attack! You’ll be shocked to learn that one of your closest Skyguard comrades has betrayed you, you’re going to take matters into your own hands to ensure Lore’s safety.

Head into the depths of the SkyPirate base, where you get to kick some serious pirate behind. Everything your know about this storyline will be turned upside down!

But before you can unveil anything, you’ll have to get past the Chaorrupted SkyPirate General!

SkyGuard Grenadier Class

The Skyguard Grenadier class has arrived! Members can now obtain this class if they have Rank 10 Skyguard reputation. Those who want to take the shortcut way and buy it with ACs will have to wait until next week, where you can purchase this class from Itzachi for 2000 ACs.

Coming Soon
- 3 Etherstorm War – Good, Evil & Desoloth!
- Xan returns to heat things up!
- Lucky Day fair
- The Potionmaker takes up a sword and becomes the Battle-ready PoisonMistress!


Valentine’s Day Release Live

The Valentine’s Day Release is live! If you are not a great fan of love & such, do not fret! This release has more than pink & love hearts! Fight your way through the new maps & take a look at the new Underworld! (Note: If you have a problem completing the quests, /join lovescurse and watch the last cutscene again).

Mia J. Park

Mia J. Park - Metamorphosis

Many thanks for helping Mia J. Park of YouTube increase her view count! The same video that 2 weeks ago had around 100 vie
ws now has over 3,600 views! Like her music? Help her out, & buy her album: Metamorphosis!

Click here to buy now! (special link for AQW players)
Your Thoughts?

Let the AE team know what you thought of last week’s crazy event! Did you like it?


USB Couch

Specs at

Artix Entertainment have made a plan of epic proportions to stop EbilCorp! At some point in time, EbilCorp will make a dropoff. Fingers crossed it is the 3D Computer Couch which contains all essential data. So as a result of this… AE is initiating: STOP SOFA! ( #StopSofa )

In the event that the couch is retrieved, AE will be able to announce the pre-registration sign up date so players can reserve their usernames. A great idea was to follow a Ninja picking the item back to the lab, but should they get the files all the way back to their lab, we could lose all hope of retrieving it. We have reason to believe EbilCorp spends all of it’s budget on Defense & Security Systems. So prepare for battle, my fellow players, for we shall reclaim what is ours! BATTLE ON!

How you can help*:

- Carefully watch for clues
- Spy on Chairman Platinum’s FaceBook Page (As Sun Tsu wrote in his book, The Art of War, “know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;” In other-words, hit the like button and watch his posts. From what we gathered, he is too boastful to not give away something that will help us recover the missing AQ3D files. Once we get them back… we can announce the date of Pre-Registration.
- If you are going in undercover… let me know by posting me a message on my Artix Twitter account and put #AQ3D at the end of it.




Final Call

The hammer has fallen – the Akiba New Year’s shop & Friday the 13th Event Rare shop have gone rare! With the shops, have gone all seasonal New Year items, including the non member AC pet.

Another Limited Quantity Shop – In Real Life!

Buy your 2012 AQWorlds Calendar now to receive your free in game ChronoCorruptor Class now! For those of you who don’t know, there is only limited stock of this item, so buy it now, or miss out!

Click here to visit HeroMart

Lady Azjurai Wedding

As of February 7th, Lady Azjurai, one of our fellow mods, is married! For more info, please see this post.

I CAN HAS MOD – Round 3!

Most of you are probably aware of the I CAN HAS MOD contest, this is just a friendly reminder that you must purchase your Deluxe Cheezburger before February 13th to be able to enter the contest! Remember, once it disappears,  you can not get it again – ever! Continue Reading →

Remember the ArcAttack event? Following that, Artix found a suitable person to be a feature guest in a future event. Looking forward to the Valentine’s Day Love Story release, Mia J. Park of YouTube has agreed to take part in the event! And guess what? No zombies! But there’s guaranteed to be a more terrifying monster… which you will have to see for yourself!

A message brought to you by One Eyed Doll

The One Eyed Doll has sent a congratulations to Artix Entertainment for their wonderful choice of a new, fresh artist like Mia.  One Eyed Doll even personally posted on Mia’s Facebook page. Now, isn’t that a great community?

Yay! We now know 4 of Artix’s secrets! Be sure to tell EVERYONE!

Artix’s 4 secrets:

  1. Secretly working on AQ3D
  2. Planet Romero in Mechquest
  3. Valentine’s Love Story event for AQWorlds
  4. Something about a picture?

Blinding Light of Destiny

So They Might Be Giants performed on the Conan O’Brian show. And you’re thinking, what does this have to do with AQW?.  Well, a short time during/after a show, server traffic on AQWorlds skyrocketed. Cool right?

Well, that’s it from this DN Yyeah…the post was lacking in size)

*Incoming message...*

Greetings fellow readers, I am Extreme speed from the planet Earth. If you’re here to complain about the lack of people-eating hamburgers on Earth, then please leave me a message. Otherwise, onto the message that the Pony Mastermind Al Gilman has forced me to write.

I was introduced to Adventure Quest about 5-6 years ago, when I saw my cousin fighting underwater mermaids. Who doesn’t love them? So eventually I signed up for it and joined the AE community. I joined AQWorlds when it was in Beta in October 2008. I soon discovered AQWorldsWiki at an unknown date. I happened to sign up for the wiki at around the same time SysOp applications were open. So, thinking of some good reasons to convince Al* as to why I should be considered as a SysOp, I applied. Hence, I am now SysOp/moderator of multiple wikis including HeroSmash Wiki, AQWorlds Wiki & LoreForum.

If you have come to this post looking for constant DC/Marvel refereces or bad jokes/puns , I’m sorry to have disappointed you. BUT, I can lead you in the right direction.
Also, here’s someone who you can go to to get sniped constantly in Halo, or who enjoys burning photos of infamous celebrities.


*Note: No bribes were offered/recieved