Mogloween is coming, and the Harvest Festival is coming to Delta V in a matter of days! In the spirit of the event, the duelists around Delta V dress up in a cool and scary outfit. The game staff are looking for some of YOUR creative hairstyles to be placed in-game, however hairstyles submitted need not be related to Halloween. All head designs must be drawn, digitally or traditionally – absolutely NO screenshots should be used in your entry.

Nightwraith has uploaded some templates for you to use, though. You may import them into the drawing program of your choice, or print them out and draw right on it! Male Templates can be found here, Female templates can be found here. One entry per person – and entire set of hairstyles for all classes and genders can count as one entry.

But wait… no contest is complete without PRIZES! Here are the prizes to be handed out to the winners:

1 Grand Prize Winner - 1500 Varium, 1000 Rating Point Achievement, all the hairstyles in-game up to the point the winner is declared, and the style they created added into the game permanently!

5 Winners - 1500 Varium, Achievement, Style featured in-game permanently.

Submissions for the contest can go to the forums. Good luck!

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