October 1st was the day MechQuest turned 5, and GEARS University is celebrating this huge milestone under Tek’s Mechs (ride the Floorivator to get to the party)! This year, the Wrapped Nubertron is the anniversary Mech, but some of the Mechs from the previous anniversaries can be picked up for NGs. Also be sure to check out the new items for your Starship, including the Wrapped Nubertron Action Figure!

This new Mech has some awesome specials, Nuberizing – lower the level of the opponent, and a combo to increase the damage of the Front Arm are just some of many other effects! You can obtain this Mech by playing the Scrap’s Delight minigame. Avoid the fish and aim for the sweets, and once done with that, just head over to the prize shop and by yourself some Gold Tokens (For the SC Version) and Silver Tokens (for the Non-SC Version). Merge these tokens with the classic Newbatron until you get to the desired level.

Don’t forget to head to Dean Warlic’s Office and see Char for a new Wormhole-tech Front Arm – the Dimension Shaker!



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  1. Seelkadooom Oct 05, 2012 -

    Happy 5th Birthday, MechQuest!

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