Two new rare shops are live this Wednesday (today!) in Battleon! Balboa has some new battle pets trained to fight with you when using classes such as the Necromancer. Each time Balboa updates his shop, one of the AC pets goes rare permanently. This week, the Fightin’ Frogzard, pictured below with Alina, goes rare for this shop. Battle pets are a member only perk, so naturally, all pets in this shop are member only.

But wait, every hero and his trusty sidekick needs a home! J6 is offering 3 new houses, 1 member only and 2 that costs ACs (1000 ACs, to be exact). Head down to Battleon to get some huge houses based off some Temple maps across Lore!

And don’t forget, J6′s wedding event comes on Friday, with a new house being brought in as well!

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  1. Mariann Chagas Sep 29, 2012 -

    Give us Free players some non-mem, gold houses too!

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