October is a significant month for Artix Entertainment. Tons of anniversaries and awesome events are to come during the next month. Artix Entertainment celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this month, truly a huge milestone for the company! While in AQWorlds, the game turns 4, coming with a brand new 4th Upholder achievement and a new rare sword next month!

October 1st is also a very special day for MechQuest… this year the game turns half a decade old! The MQ community has an annual tradition of holding a Q/A session with significant people in the MQ Team – ‘Ask Me Anything.’ This year, Plasma Charge and Practel, two of the MQ Gremlins ArchKnights, will be the ones taking your questions. Both are now familiar faces on the MQ Design Notes, so it’s just fitting that you get to know them!

Throw some questions over to them here and in the coming weeks, both Plasma Charge and Practel will be answering your questions in the Design Notes.

Happy anniversary, MechQuest!

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  1. xliausx Sep 26, 2012 -

    OMGEE! it feels like just yesterday Dragon fable was just exiting alpha stage and whatnot! ARGH! makes me feel old: O.

  2. Spiker Sep 27, 2012 -

    Happy birthday AE games!

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