The in-game wedding event for J6 and Cinazul starts this Friday! A week ago, Artix flew to Montreal, Canada to attend their REAL wedding, but since we couldn’t make it, the in-game event is set for next release. Cysero’s written up an epic event, so be sure to come and celebrate!

Rare Event Items:

  • Silver Eternal Flame
  • J6 Wedding Cake Helm
  • Honeymoon Hyperium House
  • And more!

J6 has also been making some houses for you to party in! There will be house versions of the Temple of Hope and Cleric Temple.

Meet Balboa, trainer of pets to make them fight alongside the heroes of Lore! This Wednesday or Thursday, he’ll set up shop in Battleon and offer you some companions to fight with! Samba will be giving more information on what to expect from the shop tomorrow!

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  1. xliausx Sep 26, 2012 -

    Omg soo pumped! u know these pets are they going to be like battle pets for classes or like enchantment battle pets? hope enchantments: D.

  2. Spiker Sep 27, 2012 -

    Congratulations to J6 and his lovely bride.

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