The non-member Pyromancer Class is coming out this Friday! You must complete the Xan storyline (/join volcano, /join xantown, /join xancave) in order to start earning this class (It will require 84 Shurpu Blaze Tokens) or you can buy it from Itzachi for 2,000 AC as usual.

Pyromancer Class, with the Pyromancer Mask (Member Only, 21 Shurpu Blaze Tokens)

There will be a Pyromancer Shop from Warlic, which will be selling the class & items like Pyromancer Mask, Emblazoned Pyromancer Armor & more!

Emblazoned Pyromancer Armor! (500 AC) with the Emblazoned Mask (150 AC)

If you want to look like Xan, it’s your lucky day. :D The shop will also be selling his armor AND helm.

Xan’s Robes (600 AC) with Xan’s Flaming Skull (Member Only, 42 Shurpu Blaze Tokens)

Here is info about the Shurpu Blaze Tokens:

Once you complete the Xan Storyline, speak to Warlic in the Shurpu Library. He will have some daily quests that will reward you with Shurpu Blaze Tokens when you complete them. Non-members can earn up to 14 a week but there is a special Member version of the quest that will reward Members with up to 21 Tokens per week.


MEMBERS: You will only be able to do ONE of the quests per day. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE MEMBER VERSION!


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