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Xan is back, and because of the help of Warlic, he doesn’t stand a chance! As Lore’s greatest Hero, you’ve clashed with the insane Pyromancer before, but with a bit of luck, he’s going to go down in flames!

It’s now time to train your Alchemy Tradeskill with Alina and Lim, and they’ll teach you some tricks to get some potions you can use in combat. What are you waiting for? Go to and begin your training at the Royal Alchemy Academy¬†(/join alchemyacademy) ¬†now!


It’s getting hot, and war is arriving soon! The forces of Exile and Legion are beginning to form as you explore deeper and deeper into the mines. As the fate of Delta V rests in your hands, so it’s time to get yourself ready – head to to prepare yourself for battle!


The rivalry of Alexander and Warlic, with elaborate pranks being part of it since their apprenticeship, and it’s not ending anytime soon! This week, Warlic pushes Alex too far, head on to to find out more!


Get ready to save Planet Romero and Artix, jump aboard the S. S. Paladin and complete the Cure! The fate of the planet rests in your hands! Go to, amazing cutscenes and an awesome reward are waiting if you can complete all the exciting quests!


Zheenx, the new NPC in town is waiting for you MainStreet East, visit him to get yourself a brand new bow! Don’t forget to check the Daily Shop on, some items there may never return again, so grab them while you can!

AdventureQuest Classic

Bizarre Flecks Part 3: War!

Head to and prepare yourself as you go head to head against Falerin’s collapsed elemental creatures!


A name for the game is still being decided, but the list has been narrowed down. Check back for an update from Artix!


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  1. Death Jun 10, 2012 -

    Dear, Artix i want to suggest a weapon can i?

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