That’s right. This Friday Doomwood gets a little more monstrous (With it’s monster and size) with the comeback of Nulgath. Last time he had became a true villain and rightfully proclaimed himself of evil. What ever happened to him? I’ll tell you what happened he was getting ready to prove it to the rest of the land of Lore. This is gonna be one epic battle you cannot miss! There is going to be new helms and a whole new set of armor based on his new game Oversoul. You will became WCD’s, Weapons of Chaos Destruction, when you fight with the best armor and most ferocious weapons known to man and any other creature. It doesn’t matter if you are good or evil you can fight for the true master of evil… or just cross your fingers that they destroy each other. Jump on Friday if you want some of the best looking loot Battleon has ever seen.

Nulgath Armor

Nulgath Helms

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  1. doom lord123 May 13, 2012 -

    OK THAT IA AWESOME! to bad i have no ac’s!

  2. vip_ken_2000 May 28, 2012 -

    Nulgath. I love his quest more @@

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