Many players have inquired about HeroSmash’s anniversary but since the game is still in the Beta testing phase, there is no real anniversary until HS moves onto its live release. Randor is planning something extra special for founders though, so as soon as he is able to get the code working the way he wants it to, it’ll some your way!

Also, due to furtherĀ unforeseenĀ circumstances, the Player Suggestion items will have to wait another week. This is a result of Polistar’s computer problems and Randor’s work on the Cinco de Mayo items.

The upcoming 5th of May is also the wonderful birthday of Randor the Red! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for some Cinco de Mayo shop items and red themed items.

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  1. AQWorlds 484 May 04, 2012 -

    Dude… How about the beta testers? No special items… Aww men… But it’s OK…: ))

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