Have you guys heard about the new class Blood Ancients. This one is members only, read on for the details!

Auto Attack

25 Mana 8 second cool down. It weakens their attack power and slows the target for 4 seconds and does moderate damage.

Draw Blood
25 Mana 10 second cool down. It causes an open wound and smelling their blood gives you a strength and haste increase for 6 seconds.

5 Mana 15 second cool down. It steals your opponents health and heals you with it and the less mana you have the stronger it becomes.

Potent Blood and Alacrity (Passives), Increases Haste and Strength by 10% each respectively.

Soul Grip
50 Mana 15 second cool down. It does high damage and stuns for 1-10  seconds and has more of a chance to stun for a lower time then a higher time.

Aspect of Mist (Passive)
Sometimes  your body forms into mist or fog that reduces the damage you take to nearly to 0 for 10 seconds.

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