Congratulations Jonathan T. on winning the previous Ultimate Game Card, check your email Jon!

We enjoyed doing the giveaway so much we want to do it again!

Connect your Facebook with our site below, and be entered to win a $10 Ultimate Game Card, redeemable for 2000 Artix Points, or any other super cool game on the internet that takes Ultimate Game Cards!

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54 Responses

  1. Ajaxlord28 Apr 16, 2012 -

    I think that this is really really great hope i win: D.

  2. AQWorlds 484 Apr 16, 2012 -

    Hahaha! Congrats to the winner! xD… I hope I win next: D.

    • Dovah Madi May 10, 2012 -

      It’d be awesome to win. However, knowing me, I’d either blow it on Treasure Chest Keys or something stupid and useless.

  3. Miguel Apr 16, 2012 -

    Another one? I don’t think i’ll be entering in this one, this time. But hey, nice: D Good luck to ALL Contest people: D BATTLE/WIN ON! >: D.

  4. Thanks AQWorlds 484. I still can’t believe I won. My name was only entered twice. I can’t remember if I signed up with Facebook or Twitter…

  5. Jekk Kkej Apr 16, 2012 -

    By helping more people for free! That’s totally awesome!

  6. I hope i win. But good luck everybody else! Battle-On! ~Ahmad.

  7. Congratz Jonathan! And Battle-On! Al Gilman!

  8. Aww i was hoping to win the previous.

  9. megalock Apr 16, 2012 -

    If you want to make this site more awesome you guys should make a chat box: D.
    You guys could monitor it or something and we could discuss everything AE!

  10. Spiker Apr 17, 2012 -

    Gratz Jonathan! Let’s hope I win next time round: )! Good luck to all who enter!

  11. This is awesome, and i think a way you can make yourself better is by having more giveaways; )

  12. I wish I win this one now REMOVED= my e-mail.

  13. Okay you removed my e-mail.

  14. zeme216 Apr 21, 2012 -

    I want to win.

  15. Good luck everyone!

  16. Give more freebies!

  17. I wish i win next.

  18. EverythingLore. Com is very awesome. Hope I will win next.: D.

  19. Good luck to everyone that entered!

  20. Nice giveaway: )

  21. Roi Cruz Apr 30, 2012 -

    Lemme win… Add chat box and weekly giveaways!

  22. R Reaper May 01, 2012 -

    Congrads johnathan T.

    Best of luck to everyone entering, including me ^^

  23. Yo bro why is my entry points became zero?

  24. I think it reseted?

  25. I want to win cuz i dont have AC since i played in AQW: (

  26. Mine reseted… Omg pls give me back my pointss d:

    • megalock May 08, 2012 -

      Same here its probably because we cleared our history or something…

  27. Traix Ae May 03, 2012 -

    Hope i won…

  28. Mark Tibigar May 04, 2012 -

    I hope i win.

  29. Mark Tan May 05, 2012 -

    Pls let me win…

  30. I really hope i win. AE rOCKS.

  31. Danyaal Khan May 07, 2012 -

    You can make this website better by doing more giveaways as lots of people like them and they’ll get you more popular.

  32. I hope i’ll win i really need it.

  33. Ivan Suarez May 10, 2012 -

    I want to win badly T_T. I hope I’ll win: D.

  34. I want to win too,

  35. ReUel PArel May 11, 2012 -

    Hmm… 18 entries… Dam…

  36. Herpy Derpy May 11, 2012 -

    How can we make EverythingLore. Com more awesome? Hmm… MAKE ME WIN! LAWLZ: D.

  37. Ismet Yusein May 12, 2012 -

    I think the background could be changed a bit it looks too blank. I hope I win It’ll be my first of winning any giveaways.

  38. I want to win this raffle! ae and el rocks \m/

  39. iLloydie May 13, 2012 -

    Just keep giving away Artix Points and everybody will love you: D.

  40. Traix Ae May 13, 2012 -

    Thank you al gilman for this giveaway .
    Al gilman, WHO DA MAN?

  41. -_-

  42. Leo Apolinar May 13, 2012 -

    How do I win this game?

  43. Lord Malkus May 15, 2012 -

    Does it cost money to enter.

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