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On 03/23/2012 a new Event was released based on the Story The Magic Thief  by Sarah Prineas. Here is a detalied guide to the event, shop and all its items.
The event takes place in the following locations with the following Monsters.
Twilight Slums

  • Misery Eel 1, 848 HP
  • Subrysa 2,288 HP

Twilight Slums B

  • Hungry Misery Eel 4,923 HP
  • Hungry Subrysa 5,049 HP


  • Misery Eel 1, 848 HP
  • Subrysa 2,288 HP
  • Deorysa 2,811 HP
  • Boss: Pettivox  63,056 HP


  1. Benet
  2. Conn
  3. Cysero
  4. Warlic
  5. Rowan

Chapter 1:  Mages Gone Missing

Step 1: During the cutscene you will meet  Conn  he will take you to  Wellmet or Twilight Slums.  Then speak to Benet and complete his quest: Sounds Like Cysero.

  • Sounds Like Cysero: Find Cysero  in Twlight Slums. In order To find Cysero go to your left  4 screens then north then left 2 screens  and in order to advance each screen you must defeat the 2 monsters on each screen.  Then when reach the screen with Cysero speak to him. Then the quest will end immediately.

Step 2: Speak to Cysero and complete his quest: Magic-flavored Misery

  • Magic-flavored Misery: Defeat 10 Subrysas to collect 10 Subrysa Flesh. Then Speak to  Warlic to complete the quest. Warlic can be found by (starting at Cysero) go back to start screen then go 2 screens to the right and you will see Warlic.

Step 3: Speak to Warlic and complete his quest: Sending out a Stress-OS

  • Sending out a Stress-OS: Find the Sigil by going (starting at Warlic) two screens to the right then north then left 2 screens to dead end and click on the blue arrow (all other arrows in this area reveal no Sigil). Then go the Palace and speak to Rowan. To get to the Palace  return the start screen in Twilight Slums and click on the Palace button, Rowan  will be at the first screen.

Step 4: Speak to Rowan and complete her quest: Lock-Blocked

  • Lock-Blocked: Go 3 screens to the left from Rowan then click on the door and crack the code. The code is:  Top: Click the left one. Middle: Click the left one. Bottom: Click the right one.

Chapter 2: Motive, Malice,  Magic

After the cutscene speak to Conn at the screen of the palace where end up after the utscene and complete his quest:Bridge Over Troubled Wellmet

  • Bridge Over Troubled Wellmet: Cross over the Night Bridge from screen 2 to 4 (Do not need to  defeat any monsters).

Chapter 3: Focus on the Locus Magicalius

Step 1: After the cutscene you will be at the 4th screen in the Place with Conn speak to and complete his quest: Focus on the Locus.

  • Focus on the Locus:  Go right one screen and you will be back at the start point in Twilight Slums. Then go left  4 screens then north then left 2 more screens, you  will need  defeat both monsters on each screen to advance each screen.  Then speak to Conn to complete quest.

Step 2: Speak to Conn and complete his next  quest:   Locus Located.

  • Locus Located: On the same screen as you see Conn click on the blue arrow on the top pile of Trash to find the Locus Magicalius  all other blue arrows find nothing.

Chapter 4: Not So Petty Plans

After the cutscene speak to Conn and complete his quest:Demented Deorysa

  • Demented Deorysa: Defeat 15 Deorysas in the Palace. Go the Palace and  then go left 2 screens you will find 4 Deorysas. Then the quest will automatically end.

Chapter 5: Make Him Eat Crow

After cutscene defeat the Boss: Pettivox then you will complete the quest Traitor Takedown.

Chapter 6: Severance Package

After the cutscence the main storyline is over.

Other NPCs in this storyline.

  • Pettivox
  • Duchess
  • Alina
  • Cleric Joy
  • Rayst
  • Blakk

Their are 18 member only quests available from Twilight Slums B from Benet, Conn & Rowan

Benet’s Quests

  • Beefing Up Conn:  Defeat 20 Chaorrupted Wolves (in Chaos Marsh) to get 20 Marsh Grasses, 10 Ant Giants  (in Mountain) to get 10 Sweet Cheese Chunks, 10 Fishwings (in Water Storm) to get 10 Fish Fillets, 10 Fire Imps (in Mobius) to get 10 Smoked Meats, and  5 Doomwood Treeants (In Doomwood Forest)or  Treeants (in Farm) to get 5 Fruits.
  • Biscuits and a side of Bacon: Defeat 10 Piggy Drakes (in Prison)  to get 10  Sliced Bacon,  10 Desert Vases (in Oasis) to get 10  Finely Sifted Flour, 5 Cactus Creepers (in Oasis) to get 5 Waters, and 15  Jungle Vultures (in Bloodtusk Ravine) to get 15 Eggs. Reward:Ruby Focus Stone
  • A Stronger Truncheon: Defeat 10  Undead Berserkers (in Ruins) to get 10 Scrap Metals and 2 Pine Trolls (in Pines) to get 2 Hardy woods. Reward:Ruby Focus Stone
  • The Wizard’s Apprentices New Clothes: Defeat 20 Glow Worms (in Dwarfhold Keep)  to get  20 Glow Worm Silks and  10 Rhino Beetles (in Upper Dwarfhold) to get 10 Midnight Blue Dyes.
  • Reaping Heartease: Defeat 10 Sandsharks (in Sandsea Port)  to get  Polished Glass, 10 Marsh Trees (in Marsh) to 10 Get Wood Planks, 15 Sneeviltron (in Boxes) to get 15 Metal Screws and 5 Amadeus (in Dwarfhold Keep) to get 5 Bolts of Cloth.

Conn’s Quests

  • Embero Spell: Defeat 5 Lighting Balls (in Air Storm) to get Lighting Bolts, a Dark Witch(In Ruins) to get a Magical Transaction, 10 Sandsharks (in Sandsea Port) to get  10 Polished Glass and 10 Emerald Golems (in Water Storm) to get Emerald Shards. Possible Rewards: Chaos Chicken Helm, Chaos Chicken Self, Dragon Self, Gorillaphant Helm, Gorillphant Self, Moglin Self,  Moglin Self Helm,  Red Dragon Self Helm, Zard Helm &  Zard Self.
  • Pickpocketing 101: Defeat a Slime (in Swordhaven) until you get a Slimey Staff. Reward: Opal Focus Stone.
  • Thieves are Lye-able: Defeat 5 Acornets (in Cloister) to get 5 Vials of Acorn Oil, a Catcus Creeper (in Oasis) to get a Liter of Cactus Water, a Wisteria  to get a Wisteria Flower (in Guru Forest) and  3 Ore Balboas (In Mountainpath) to get 3 Lye Rocks. Reward: Bar Of Soap.
  • Stainless Stealers: 3 Bars of Soap ( from last quest) and defeat  a Ninja  Upperbaoos until you  get  a Sai of Steel.
  • Pick some Pockets to Plunder:  Find the VR Room Access Card,(hidden in Hyperium) Get the  Engine Room Key Card  from the   pocket of Train Engineer  and then get Zephyrus Virtual Crystallized Dragon Breath by clicking on open furnace in Zephyrus engine room. (All in J6 Secret Areas).
  • What You Seize is What You Get:  Defeat Grand Inquistor (in Citadel) until he drops the Mace of the Grand Inquisitor.
  • Benet’s Biscuits: Defeat 2 Ledgermaynes (in Tower of Magic) to get 2 All-Purpose Flours,  a Beast of Pirate’s Bay (in Skullpunch Island) to get Pinch of Salt, 4 Killer Queen Bees (in Beehive) to get  4  Teaspoon of Bee’s Wings, 2 Scarecrows (in Farm) to get 2  Stick of Butters,  2 Bumpers Camels (in Oasis) to get 2  1/3 Cup of Milk , a Stinger (in Beehive) to get  a  Drizzle of Honey  and get a Stirring Spoon dropped by monsters in Noobshire. Reward: Opal Focus Stone.

Rowan’s Quests

  • Taking Notes: Defeat 10 Marsh Trees (in Marsh) to get Marsh Tree Barks, 5 DreadSpiders (in Marsh) to get 5 Dread Spider Legs, 5 Slimes (in Swordhaven) to get 5 Slime Goos and  5 Shadow Creepers (in Bludrut Keep 2) to get Shadow Creeper Furs.
  • Those Blasted Misery Eels:  Defeat 5 Lighting Balls (in Air Storm) to get 5 Lighting Bolts, 5 Giant Scorpions( in Mountain) to get  5 Sets of Scorpion Eyes and 10 War Mummies ( in Sand Castle) to get 10 Jars of Mummy Glue. Reward: Ruby Focus Stone
  • Boredom at the Ball:  Defeat 10 Crystalized Jellyfish (in Battleunder C) to get 10 Radiant Crystals, 10  Emerald Golems ( in Earth Storm) to get 10  Emerald Shards and 10 Sapphire Golems (in Earth Storm) to get 10 Sapphire Shards.
  • Just Because I’m Not a Wizard…:  Defeat 3 Dark Witches (in Ruins) to get 3 Magical Transactions, 3 Undead Champions (in Battle Under B) to get 3  Duchal Duties, Lv 3 , A Dust Bunny of Doom( in Lab of the Collector)  to get Book of Creature Features , ? to get  Book of Water Spells and ? to get Usefulness of Stones.
  • Studying for Life: Defeat 20 Crusaders to get 20  Crusader Study Notes, 10 Inquisitor Captains  to get 10  Inquisitor Captain Notes and  a Grand Inquisitor  to get Grand Inquisitor Notes. (All monsters in Citadel)
  • Being a Wizard’s Best Friend: Defeat 10 Killer Queen Bees (in Beehive) to get 10  Queen Bee Wings, 10 Flame Elementals (in Fire Strom) to get 10 Flaming  Tongues, 10  Living Earths or    Earth Elementals (both in Earth Storm) or  Rock Lobsters (in Straiway) to get 10 Stone Sigils,  and ? to get 10 Eternal Ice Shards.


  • Magic Thief Rares
  • Magic Thief Rewards Shop


  • Bruce Eel Battle Pet
  • Unagi the Misery Eel
  • Baby Wooly Mammoth


  • Chaos Chicken Self
  • Dragon Self
  • Gorillphant Self
  • Mirrored Wellmet Baron and Baroness
  • Moglin Self
  • Mystic Moonlighter
  • Rogue Magicale
  • Rune Thief
  • Zard Self


  • Chaos Chicken Helm
  • Gorillaphant Helm
  • Red Dragon Self Helm
  • Moglin Self Helm
  • Rune Thief’s Cap
  • Rune Thief’s Cowl
  • Zard Helm


  • Academicos Armaments
  • Curvaceous Killer
  • Nexus Blade of Chaos
  • Nexus Blade of Evil
  • Nexus Blade of Good
  • Shadowed Devourer
  • Tapestry kamas
  • Amber Focus Stone
  • Citrine Focus Stone
  • Ruby Focus Stone
  • Onyx Focus Stone
  • Opal Focus Stone
  • Amber Mana Surge
  • Amethyne Rod
  • Amethyst Mana Surge
  • Infinity Orb
  • Ruby Mana Surge
  • Sapphire Mana Surge
  • Blooming Rose Ember
  • Golden Crystalis Bloom


  • Rysa Chick Egg (monster drop:)
  • Bar of Soap (quest item: Thieves are Lye-able)

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