This guide will cover the next  part of the Skyguard Storyline that was released on February 22 2012

All quests give Skyguard Reputation and can only be done once and  in this order, unless specified otherwise.

Part 6: February 22  2012:Betrayal and Bomb Blasts

Location:Skypirate Base

To Start: Go to the Skyguard Base and then go down the path towards the Skypirate Base.

Step 1: Watch a cutscene. Then to speak to Invidia and complete her quests

  1. Deserter in the Ranks: Defeat a Golden Draconioan in Vasalkar Lair.
  2. Secure the Ship: Defeat Security Sky Pirate and disable the 14 alarms and find the headquarters.
  3. Infiltration is a Go: Defeat  a  Chaorrupted Sky Pirate and find 10 Vital Papers.
  4. Elluding Capture is not an Option: Defeat 20 Chaorrupted Sky Pirates
  5. Don’t Get Caught Weak in the Knees: Defeat the Boss:Chaorrupted SkyGeneral
  6. Then watch a cutscene

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