The clock has been ticking in HeroSmash and it is finally time. It’s time for a scavenger hunt! Golden Claw, who is in the “Ruins”, has found a precious, gold-decorated treasure chest FULL of amazing, rare,but damaged treasure. If you are willing to stick your hand up to help him, Golden Claw will happily share half the treasure with you, but only if you help him repair it. You will have to search EVERYWHERE in game. High and low, monsters and more monsters! These monsters will have the necessary items needed to repair the treasure.

But Wait There’s More…

Ol’ Saint Patrick and his joyous day have left for the year, and will not show their faces for a mere 365 days.
A new armor, with clickable arms, has been added to Golden Claws treasure shop, and a RARE Trident, which will depart next Friday. There is no difference in the items when comparing the Smash Coin or Members one, only different price options.

In the updates coming soon, the Player Suggestion shop will see an expansion!

If you want to see your favourite weapon, that you have personally made, in-game, please, post on the forums, and not the twitter page!

The next update will be April Fools Day. I’m kidding. Or am I?


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