This week EpicDuel’s release will be mainly focusing on the story, so those of you who enjoy the current storyline are in for a nice treat!

Bunny Battles 

Because of the help from all of the players, Mr. Cottontail has been able to build rabbit suits for leporid Capensis and Captain Brachylagus, although they seem to lack an on board computer system! Mr. Cottontail requires the help of his colleague Ulysses and has already told him you’d be more than happy to help with anything he needs. For this quest line, you will be required to travel all around Delta V in search for some scientific NPCs!


Nightwraith doesn’t just have the mission related art to do but he will also be redesigning several screens this week to revitalize some older areas from 2009.

Getting Buff

Last week, the Mercenary class was supposed to receive a buff for them to be on par with the other classes, but unfortunately it did not happen. However, this week the buff is coming and their new passive skill will affect rage! Not many detail are available at this time, but keep checking back for updates!

My Fair Lady

Also coming in this update is Ulysses’ lovely companion, Galatea! Ever since his eyes were replaced free of charge by Galatea, she has grown fond of him and remained loyal to everyone’s favourite inventor.

Call for Mods

Many have applied for the positions and the call is still open! Remember that this is a call only for new moderators and game testers; not developers. You must be over 18 to apply and any application without a CV or resume will not be considered. You can email your application to and remember to include somewhere in the subject that the application is for EpicDuel and not AQWorlds!

More details emerge of the Magic Thief Event happening this Friday. If you haven’t yet you can check out the Sarah Prineas’ site here, her book inspired this quest.

Come Friday expect to be fighting new monsters, rescuing mages, and even learning about how magic works in the world of AQWorlds.

Magic Lesson #1

Magic on Lore is contained in ley lines, which run across and through the planet like haphazardly-placed latitude and longitude lines. Where these ley lines intersect, there are nexuses of magic which act as reservoirs. There are two central ley lines: the Verix, running North-South, and the Horix, running East-West. To perform feats of magic, a mage must draw on the magic contained in one of Lore’s ley lines or nexuses.

Magic Thief Cast:












For character bios and more details check out the source link below.


Some of the Event NPCs

AQWorlds will be having another event soon!! A special event with magical literary guest-star, Sarah Prineas!
You can meet magicians, thieves, nobility, and misery-monsters as her character causes….

Misery eels! (watch out! they might attack you!!!1)


She allowed AQWorlds to write her characters into an “all-new” story that takes place in Lore.

So, are you ready to have your stuff looted by thieves and casts spelled upon you??? (not for real)

Join us NEXT WEEK for the most magically – and massively – manipulative event yet!

Battle On!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! This week, if you head over to the Park and find the Magic Pot of Gold, you’ll find a stash of new seasonal items for you to purchase!

Also, tune in next week when a scavenger hunt to find the parts of a legendary will begin!


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Greetings Earthlings!

Hello there young ones, and old ones. In the recent release as of March 16, 2012 they released the whole “Lucky Day” thing. One of their mini-games, I believe the name is “Jackpot o’ Gold” is VERY VERY VERY good. With this game, it’s VERY easy to get tickets for items like the Evolved Leprechaun Class. I got 1280 tickets in about 10 minutes. That’s all it took. You simply have to wait for the meter to get over all the way to the red,  then click the red button. Your character will then swing a giant hammer and you’ll see a green bar go up. (: If it’s all the way over in the red, you will get 20 tickets. If you keep doing this, you can have the required 2,000 tickets within no time for Evo. Leppy. It’s a great game, and it’s the only one I’ve played so far.

I hope you have fun playing this game. Leave comments and tell us what  you think!

Battle On!

Hi Everyone!

I’m AeroTrax, but you can call me Ace or Aero. I’m an AQWorldsWiki HoF Apprentice, Clan Leader and a proud member of AQW community. I was introduced to AE games in the year 2006, my first games were MechQuest and DragonFable, I enjoyed them very much but when I saw the advertisement for Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) ofcourse I tried it and I loved it I think that was around November 2008.

Well the wiki(s) are a different story, It went like this, me and some of my friends were talking about AQW and how cool it would be if we were all in a Clan, But one of my friend told us that he was already in a clan and he showed us the website to the wiki, since then I was determined to make my Mark on the wiki and contribute as much as I can.


Hello All!

I have decided to join forces with and become a contributor on this website. I enjoy playing AQWorlds in my spare time, which I have a lot of. I was introduced to AQWorlds a while back, somewhere in the middle of 2010 or so. I haven’t been playing for very long, but :P quite some time. I love AQWorlds, as it’s about the only game I have ever played from AE in whole, and maybe a little bit of HeroSmash! If you are ever on AQWorlds and want to meet up, I usually hang around on the ‘Galanoth‘ a lot. It’s probably the only main server I go on. Sometimes you may find me on ‘Cysero‘ or ‘Sir Ver.

Other than that, you probably won’t find me on any other server. Some other things I enjoy doing are building websites for the hell of it with HTML, or PHP. I also enjoy doing other things such as building programs in C#, or C++. I haven’t really done much, but I have made a few things. (Nothing that is relating to “hacking” any sort of game). Don’t ever ask me to build a trainer either, because I’m going to laugh at you and tell you to move on down the road. I don’t encourage any type of cheating in games. It’s really pointless. And if you think it’s “hacking”, well you’re wrong. You obviously don’t know the definition of hacking… do you? :s

So yeah, hope you had fun reading this. Look forward to many posts by me, and by other authors/contributors on here! Have a good one.


aeLast week, before he was called to take the undercover mission, Artix started development on a new top secret project: a third action figure. It’s so secret that I can’t even tell you who or what the action figure is of, but I can tell you that everyone in the Underground Lab is really excited about it. It’s going to fit on our shelves right next to the figures of Artix and Sepulchure. We’re expecting the first progress pictures of the sculpt sometime next week.