In the world of Lore, Vampires are a very old race. So that means vampire secrets can get lost, in the pages of history.


Meet Orlok. He’s Queen Safiria’s Vampire Loremaster. That means, it’s his job to find these lost secrets, using his keen intellect. Recently, he’s found a interesting secret & wants your help with his research. If you help him, you can become a Blood Ancient.

The mid-week release will take place in Safiria’s Castle, where Orlok will be standing outside the castle, waiting for you. Complete his quests & you will unlock a farming quest, which will allow you to buy the vampire-based Blood Ancient Class.

Blood Ancient Class, drawn by Solrac.

Expect to see a Skill Breakdown tomorrow, & it will be a warrior-based class, good for solo-ing & PvP’ing. This class will require NO reputation whatsoever, to obtain. Just complete the quests & farm the¬†necessary items, and you’re done!

If you do not have time to do this mid-week release, & you still want the class. Do not fret! There will be a 2000 AC version, bought from Itzachi in Battleon. This will also be member-only. Both versions of the class will be tagged as AC items so that means you can store it freely in your bank.

Coming Soon, Artix and Sepulchure Collectible Action Figure Toys!

 Artix Action Figure!

You can buy either an Artix or Sepulchure Collectible, which will come with their own weapon. There is also rare black versions of the toys, example above.

Artix figures come with:

  1. Paladin’s Castle In-game House
  2. Paladin High Lord Class
  3. Palaldin High Lord Armor
  4. Artix’s Helm (Legendary item!)
  5. High Lord’s Battleaxe of Destiny
  6. Paladin High Lord Character Page Achievement
  7. FIVE original cards to modify your AQW Battle Card deck! (different from Seppy’s toy’s cards)

Sepulchure figures come with:

  1. DoomKnight’s Fortress In-game House
  2. DoomKnight Overlord Class
  3. DoomKnight Overlord Armor
  4. Sepulchure’s Helm (Legendary item!)
  5. Overlord’s DoomBlade
  6. DoomKnight Overlord Character Page Achievement
  7. FIVE original cards to modify your AQW Battle Card deck! (different from Artix toy’s cards)

In the United States, they will be available in Toys R Us, and shortly after that, Heromart. There isn’t an exact date on when these toys will come out but expect them around Late April, Early May.

Limited Quantity Shop Reminder!

The shop will on Saturday, March 31st, 10 AM Server Time. The die said so.

The die said so.


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