Bunnies and April Fools

To start off this week in EpicDuel, all of the April Fool’s Day and Bunny-themed items will be making their return! Also, do you think Nightwraith’s BioDerp weapons will make it too, along with a new auxiliary weapon or even a sidearm? Well, maybe if you poke Nightwraith on Twitter, he’ll make it so! All of these items and more will be coming soon to a Naomi near you!

Item Stat Rebalance

During the livestream on Saturday, you may have heard RabbleFroth mention a rebalancing of stat modifiers and damage on all items, dependant on many different factors, such as price, level, and damage. Extensive details on how this is going to work has not been released yet can be found in this forum thread by RabbleFroth, but the basic idea is that a standardized formula will be applied to all weapons in order to determine their power. The formula will ensure that there is no clear “best” item at any given level, and will give items a steadier power curve for each level.

A date has not been set for the implementation of this, but the currently goal is to have it released by Friday.


Like last week, the Bionic Battalion Saga will be continuing! As you know, Brachylagus and Capensis prepared for battle last week, but that doesn’t mean the other lagomorphs won’t have their day! Recently, Myxoma has realized Lepus is still stuck in the Biological Preserve and this week you have to help get him out!

Along with the Bionic Battalion missions, some new permanent missions will be coming too! Their locations will not be revealed, so you will have to find them yourself!

Where’s Nightwraith?

Don’t worry if you see Nightwraith missing from his normal hangout in Delta V, he’s safe and sound.. in the world of HeroSmash! That’s right, due to a teleporter accident, he has been transported and can be found in HeroSmash for one week only! His awesome armor will be sold for the duration of the week, and might possibly make a return sometime in November.












Gently Down the Livestream

Thank you to all the players that attended the first EpicDuel livestream where all the development team members were present! If you attended, hopefully you had a better understanding of the development process, and had some of your questions answered. If you missed it, you can view the whole thing on the EpicDuel Artists channel on Livestream.

Also, if you have any song requests you want to hear sung, be sure to give them in!

I Can Has Mod?

It’s not over yet, so if you qualify and haven’t applied, you can still do so! There is a list of all potential moderators awaiting a scheduled interview but the list can still be added on to! Also, remember that patience is essential when considering potential moderators, so sending emails asking if your application has been read may influence their judgement.

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