The side of evil has beaten those fighting for good.

And so now we must face the final boss fight, with the primes aiding us in out battle!

In the 3 way war on the elemental planes evil has won! It was a very quick war with players fighting non stop for the 100% of there chosen affliction, with great thanks to yorumi an advanced engine adjustment means that the elemental primes will be aiding us throughout your fight.

Awww, cute little thing from avatar died...


 Your choices WILL matter! In the pre-boss battle, you’ll be able to choose between Good, Evil or Desoloth. That will set the tone for your boss battle. AFTER the battle, you’ll be able to choose again. Choose carefully, because how you answer Hs’Sakar’s last question will change the way the Etherstorm NPCs view you after you’ve completed their storyline!

There’s a LOT of corpse to loot after this boss battle. (A big boss means big loot!) Desoloth has a chance to drop the member-only Elemental Dissonance armor and helm(goes great with the Horned Crown of Dissonance in the Rares shop!) as well Desoloth’s Bane, a wicked weapon forged by Dage the Evil!




  • Xan returns! Look for this hot-headed pyromancer to really heat things up for some poor, unsuspecting townspeople!
  • Dage’s shop will remain until next Monday!
  • Limited Time Shop: Spring Theme!
  • Treasure Chest hoard update!
  • The next I Can Has Mod contest starts this week!
  • J6 t-shirts are sold out but we ARE ordering more, so keep an eye on HeroMart’s website!



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