Congratulations Sameermega on being selected February 2012′s Contributor of the Month

But who will claim the title for March..?

Hey there, wiki editors! Here we all are again with another Contributor of the Month contest! To enter, all you need do is post your AQWorlds Wiki username below (Please double check that it’s spelled right, caps sensitive and all that, or you will be invalid to win!) or nominate someone else who you see editing a lot! At the end of the month, the various SysOps of AQWorldswiki will choose one winner! This winner will be someone with a lot of good edits who deserves the prize! Courdeals the winner be you?Who doesn’t like prizes? The reward for achieving Contributor of the Month is $10 Ultimate Game Card in the form of an electronic gift certificate!The selected contributor as well as the 2nd and 3rd place runner ups will have their names lit up permanently on a leaderboard on AQWorldswiki, which can be found here: Congratulations to all those who have won in the past!
Basic Info & Guidelines
~Contributor of the Month will be chosen at the end of the month
~The chosen contributor will be deemed the ‘ Contributor of the Month’ and will also receive a  $10 Ultimate Game Card
~Emphasis will be put on game article edits; user related pages, clan pages do not count
~SysOps of cannot participate
~Grammatical and Syntactical quality of your edits will influence your chance to get the contributor of the month title.
~In order to be in the running, your username must be posted below.
-Must have at least 10 edits in total prior to entering.
~You may not enter or be entered if you have been selected as winner in the past two months/competitions
~If you want to nominate somebody for the title you may post their user name belowSign up now! :D
Dan montoya Aqw
Mwtexcelion – Please activate your email!
Clent Garcia
Brytonik Leegend
If you are listed as ‘Declined’, it was found you had no, or insufficient valid edits on AQWorldsWiki during the month of March.

32 Responses

  1. Seelkadooom Mar 07, 2012 -


    Tell us the winners before starting the next contest please :)

    • Extreme speed Mar 27, 2012 -

      Accepted, good luck!

    • LexisAE Mar 31, 2012 -

      User: LexisAE.

      A trusworthy friend and did allot of hardwork for this editing website.

  2. megalock Mar 14, 2012 -

    im gonna need to edit more in order to win :/

    • Extreme speed Mar 27, 2012 -

      Entry declined, please confirm/activate your email or you will not qualify!

      • megalock Mar 28, 2012 -

        could u please send another verification email? i didnt get one D: all i got was a email from word press regarding my username and password…

        • Extreme speed Apr 08, 2012 -

          It is regarding your wiki account, not EverythingLore account.

  3. Aerotrax Mar 18, 2012 -

    I wanna join again!
    Congratulations by the way Sameernga! :)


    • Extreme speed Mar 27, 2012 -

      Accepted, good luck this month!

  4. Hazzard Mar 27, 2012 -

    i wanna join too!
    Congratulations Sameernga!
    username :Hazzard

  5. Clent Garcia Mar 28, 2012 -

    i wanna join

    Congratulations Sameernga


  6. Clent Garcia Mar 28, 2012 -


    UserName:Clent Garcia

  7. tutankamonis Mar 29, 2012 -

    • Extreme speed Apr 08, 2012 -

      Thanks for spreading the news…

  8. edward99 Mar 30, 2012 -

    I wanna join! User: Edward99.

  9. ryan Dayuta Mar 30, 2012 -

    I wanna join.

    Congratulations Sameernga .
    UserName: RYANNEIL.

  10. Gbdf Mar 30, 2012 -

    I’m joining! Username: Gbdf.

  11. I’m joining the contest! Username: Brytonik Leegend.

    P. S. Congrats Sameernga!

  12. Hopefully I win this time ^^.

    Would like to join: Username: Mwtexcelion.
    Wiki Page: Mwtexcelion.

    • Extreme speed Apr 09, 2012 -

      Valid edits, but your email has not been confirmed! Please activate your account by email to be eligible.

  13. GodShado Apr 01, 2012 -

    I Would Like To Join .
    Username: jedijaye2.

  14. Eggxecute Apr 02, 2012 -

    I wish I’ll win this contest .
    User: Eggxecute.

  15. Dan Montoya Apr 03, 2012 -

    I dont know if i can participate on this month, but if i can.

    USER: Dan montoya Aqw.

    • Dan Montoya Apr 03, 2012 -

      Lol didnt see if was the current month contest: facepalm:

  16. dawgson Apr 04, 2012 -

    My charater, dawgson says accept.

    • Extreme speed Apr 09, 2012 -

      My character, Extreme speed says invalid edits!

  17. Extreme speed Apr 09, 2012 -

    We are no longer accepting participants! Good luck to all who were eligible!

  18. Mwtexcelion Apr 15, 2012 -

    Been 15 days since April, not meaning to pushy, but have you guys chosen yet?

    • Al Gilman Apr 15, 2012 -

      We are being a little slower then usual.

      • megalock May 01, 2012 -

        Its already may lol are you guys canceling this or is it just that every1s been busy?

      • Mwtexcelion May 06, 2012 -

        Again, not meaning to be pushy, but its been another month… Has this been cancelled? Also, I’ve confirmed my email some time ago…

  19. Mwtexcelion Nov 30, 2012 -

    It’s been almost a year…?

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