Update to the Potionmaker Storyline!

Lion, will we 
do what you think is right?

Poison, something that can cure life or bring death. On Friday, comes an update to the Potionmaker storyline, where Alina must come to choose whether to continue passively making potions or try to save a life, with her poisoned blade & change her future! If you haven’t started the Potionmaker storyline yet, head down to Swordhaven and go right after reaching the drawbridge. There you will find Alina.

New BloodAncient Class!
There’s going to be a new member-only class for this week’s mid-week release, called the BloodAncient Class! There will be 2 ways to earn this class:

1. By playing through the Darkovia mid-week release


2. Buying it with ACs at Itzachi’s Class shop in Battleon.

Limited Quantity Shop!
There’s going to a LQS on Saturday, March 31st at 10 AM EST. This will feature cool armors, wicked weapons, & astounding accessories! Here is a preview of an armor, drawn by Solrac:

Solrac’s Legacy

Be sure to watch for more previews during the week, and if you need a time converter so you can log on at the right time, here is a link to help you!

I Can Haz Mod!
Remember, this is going to be the last I Can Haz Mod contest for a while & it’s ending on March 30th, so hurry and buy the Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy.  The winner gets to spend 2 hours with a mod of their choice, while having temporary modship, and gets granted 1 selfless wish!

Coming Up!

  • Skill breakdown for Blood Ancient Class !
  • Next week: Treasure Chest loot update!
  • Next week: Suggestion Shop update!
  • Next week: Grenwog returns!
  • Artist Livestream Week! 1 AQW artist a day will stream live in-game to show how art for AQW is created!



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  1. aqwdarkknightes Mar 27, 2012 -

    cant wait for member class and LQS!!!!!

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