Go buy some bait and a fishing rod, because we’re going fishing, AQW STYLE!

With 30 ranks for you to complete, by catching all the fish in Lore, you’ll be battling against the seas rulers from Rank 1:Fishmonger all the way through to Rank 30: King Fisher.

With rewards like Mystic Fishstick Staff to the Runed Master Angler armor, you’ll be looking like an expert in no time! (Something smells fishy here… maybe it is the Fish armor I’m wearing?)

As a bonus, for doing the first quest, which will get you access to start the mini-game, you’ll get 80 ACs worth of Dynamite so you can blast the water and shower in a rain of fish.

Once you reach Rank 30 in your new tradeskill, fishing, you’ll find a pretty badge sitting in your Book Of Lore! (The character page badge will be coming NEXT week, so don’t worry about that!)

As a bonus, if you catch the mystifying, elusive DUM-fish, you will unlock the amazing Derp Moosefish Achievement!

New items coming this week!

  • Rune Master Angler armor
  • Mystic Fishstick
  • Mysterious Fish and Flopping Fish Pet (member-only)
  • Fish Suit, Fishin’ Rod
  • Shrimp Axe, Boot Mace
  • And a lot more!

And new house items to show your fishin’ skills!

  • Magical Aquarium (Will display your “rank up” fish, how cool is that?)
  • Fishing Pole Collection
  • Fishing Dynamite
  • And many more fishy items!

We hope you enjoy baiting your hook and fishing, because this is just the first tradeskill of many coming this year!

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