Released this week as a member perk where items as a bonus if you buy AC packages.

There are three AC packages available for the game.

1. 2,000 AC

2. 5,000 AC

3. 12,000 AC

Once you buy a package you open up the shop from your Book of Lore from the A.E. tab. In the first two shops their are only 1 item and it last shop you can get all 4 pieces to the MindBreaker Class Set. Here is list all the shop names and items:

1. Shop:Member Bonus 2k AC Shop.  Item: Battle Wyvern (pet)

2. Shop:Member Bonus 5k AC Shop.  Item: Dreadnought (Armor)

3.Shop:Member Bonus 12k AC Shop.  Items: MindBreaker Psy-blade (sword), MindBreaker (class), MindBreaker Helm (helmet) and MindBreaker’s Cloak (cape)

There were 4 shops released this week part of the new Fishing Trade skill 3 are available from the new NPC  Faith in Greenguard Forest West and last shop is available while playing the Fishing Minigame. The 4 shops are as follows Fishing Gear, Dynamite Shop, Faith’s House Shop and Bait Shop. (more information about this skill and items in this shop will come in post later today and on Tuesday)

Another new shop was released this week with items based on a holiday celebrated this week known as Carnaval (for more information about go Carnaval Click here  ). The items are based on how the holiday is celebrated in Brazil. Here is the list all the items in this and their prices:

Weapon Celebratory Skewer 12 27,500 Gold
Weapon Enredo Blade 12 Member 25,000 Gold
Weapon Firedancer’s Torches 12 Member 25,000 Gold
Weapon Gonzaga’s Gilded Mace 12 Member 20,000 Gold
Weapon Abre Alas 12 10,000 Gold
Weapon Carnaval Bongo 12 Member 15,000 Gold
Armor Alegre Carnaval Armor 12 35,000 Gold
Armor Carnaval of Love 12 Member 30,000 Gold
Armor Vai-Vai Carnaval Armor AC Item 650 AC
Helmet Ivory Carnaval Headdress 12 21,712 Gold
Helmet Jungle Carnaval Headdress 12 Member 21,712 Gold
Helmet Parrot Carnaval Mask 12 Member 21,712 Gold
Helmet Plumage of Pain 12 Member 50,000 Gold
Helmet Twilight Carnaval Headdress 12 21,712 Gold
Helmet Vai-Vai Carnaval Headdress AC Item 85 AC
Cape Pink Carnaval Feathers 12 Member 21,712 Gold
Pet Capoeira Capybara 12 Member 30,000 Gold

The re-released shops this week are from the Hero Heart’s Day Event in the area Love. There are two shops Big Daddy’s Shop and Prince Jim’s Shop with all same items from the past two years when this area was originally released in 2010 ( a post about this area and items will come on Tuesday)


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