A New I CAN HAS MOD Contest Winner!

The winner of this month’s I CAN HAS MOD contest did not reply to their email within a week, so AE is choosing a new winner. Could it be you!?

The new winner has been emailed, so remember to check your AdventureQuest Worlds registration email  to see if you are the lucky winner. The winner has 3 days to respond, until Thursday at noon EST time. If they don’t respond, a new winner will be chosen again.

For everyone else, remember to keep holding on to your Golden Cheezburger Deluxe. The last Cheezburger became the Darksider Class… there’s no telling what it’ll become this time around. You don’t want to miss out!

Legion Quest Changes

Many players commented that the new Legion quests weren’t enough of a challenge, so the new Legion quests have just gotten harder! The Legion Soul Collector will now cost 150 Legion tokens and the related quests will require 50 souls each instead of 25. They don’t call him Dage the Evil for nothing!

This isn’t all bad news for Legion farmers though! There will be a paragon pet released March 2nd, on Dage’s Birthday. This pet will have a quest with a massive 5 Legion Token reward!

Coming this Week

This week in AQW will start off with another mid-week release for members adding more story to the Bludrut map and more member only rewards.

On Friday, you’ll be seeing the next part of the Skyguard storyline and the release of the member-only Grenadier Class! This class will be available this Friday to members that have reached rank 10 in their Skyguard Reputation along with a full set of matching items.

An AC version of the Grenadier class will be made available to members only on March 3rd.

Going, going, gone…

Quibble’s Shop and the Event Rare Shop in Love’s Curse (/join lovescurse) are going rare later today. Now’s your last chance to grab any of these items before they are gone forever!

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