Update 2: It seems that AE has lost the battle between themselves and the bug. After much work, Artix has decided to reschedule the pre-registration.

As an apology, Artix has increased pre-registration from being worth 100 alpha points to 200 alpha points.

Also, if you are not sure if you will be allowed to pre-register you can check by logging into your MASTER account at http://portal.battleon.com/.

We are so sorry for all of you who stayed up to register your names. We will update you with whatever information we receive.

Update 1: It seems that the master bug did arise. Account creation has been pushed back. Artix is now meeting with coders to see what is going on. We will keep you posted!

Best of luck AE!

Today is the day! Today, around 6:00pm EST, anyone who has ever supported Artix Entertainment will be able to reserve their name for AQ3D. If you have:

  • Upgraded to Membership and/or bought ACs in Adventure Quest Worlds.
  • Upgraded to Membership and/or bought SmashCoins in http://herosmash.artix.com/.
  • Bought Varium in EpicDuel.
  • Bought Sparkle Gems in Pony Vs. Pony.
  • Bought a Dragon Amulet, DragonCoins, or a Elemental Unity Trinket in DragonFable.
  • Became a AQ Guardian and/or bought Z-Tokens in Adventure Quest.
  • Became a Star Captain in MechQuest and/or bought NovaGems in Mech Quest.
  • Became a WarpGuardian and/or bought Z-Tokens in WarpForce.

then you can reserve your name tonight.


How can I get my name for AQ3D?

It will take place tonight (unless the bug monster rises from the grave and destroys us all), right here. You must have support one of our games (any game) to qualify. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to www.artix.com tonight (Feb 16th, 2012 at approx 6pm EST). There will be a new post with a GIANT BUTTON.
  2. Make sure you have an Artix Entertainment account (The one login to rule them all).
  3. Make sure ALL of your game accounts are linked to this Artix Entertainment account.
  4. If you have ever supported us by Upgrading or becoming a Member in any of our previous games, you will be able to reserve your AdventureQuest 3D game name. Remember, you can only reserve one name. So choose the one the gaming community best knows you by.
  5. Continue checking Artix.com daily for development news and tests… tests… more tests! (to get Alpha points!)

Good luck at getting your name!
Battle On!

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