Another week, another DN and this week we have the one day that comes every 4 years! Happy Leap Day everyone, and Happy Birthday to everyone that’s calender age is a fourth of their actual age.

Please, don’t leave me… 

As the Heartbreaker Saga has come to an end, this week players should go the Guard Outpost to see how things turned out. The missions in this saga, along with the Frysteland Aftermath mission will be going rare with this release, so you should hurry up and complete them while you can!

New Promotional Pack!

Due to popular demand, there will be a new promo pack being released! This pack will replace the Heartbreaker/Azrael promo pack so if you still want them, you better act quickly!

Also leaving this week are the Heartbreaker themed weapons in stores, which will be replaced by the returning Celtic Cleaver and other Celtic weapons from last year!

If it ain’t broke…

Because of the extraordinary popularity of the PvP drops, this week 50 more broken items will be added, with weapons that even go up to level 33! These drops can be fixed at Ulysses for a small fraction of their original varium cost!

Balance Changes

The balance changes for the Tech Mage class this week seemed to work great, so this week RabbleFroth has some balance changes for Tech Mages at higher levels!

There goes the neighborhood…

If you follow Cinderella (@Cinderella_ED) or Nightwraith (@Nightwraith_ED) on Twitter, you will notice that they have been engaging in conversations with two EpicDuel NPCs, specifically Lysander Cox/NegaWraith (@Negawraith_ED) and Alydriah Descarl (@AllWillObey). If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow them and also be sure to “like” EpicDuel on Facebook ( if you haven’t already!

This guide will cover the next few parts of the Skyguard Storyline that were released in 2011 from April to September.Almost every month one part released.

All quests give Skyguard Reputation and can only be done once and  in this order, unless specified otherwise.

Part 2:April 29 2011 – Skyguard Academy In Peril

Location: Skyguard Academy

To Start: Go to the Skyguard Base and then go down the path towards the Skyguard Academy.

Step 1: Watch a cutscene. Then to speak to Captain Stratos and complete his quests

  1. School’s Out for the Invasion: Explore the whole area
  2. Chaobold Bullies: Defeat 9 Chaobolds and 2 Bronze Sky Pirates and find 5 Academy History Books.
  3. Trip the Traps: Activate 15  Tripwire Sensors.
  4. Wreck the Warder: Defeat the Boss: Inbunche
  5. Then watch a cutscene

Part 3: June 15 2011 – The Badlands Bamboozle

Location: Ander’s Folly. (Ander’s Loss)

To Start: Go to the Skyguard Base and then go down the path towards Ander’s Folly.
Step 1: Watch a cutscene. Then speak to Granny V and complete her quests:

  1. Banditing Together: Defeat 7 Dravirs and 8 Copper Sky Pirates.
  2. Booty Becomes Barrier: Defeat 5 Dravirs and 5 Copper Sky Pirates, and find 10 pieces of Discarded Junk, then click on the Stone at the Boss Screen
  3. We Didn’t Start The Fire (Oh, Wait…): Defeat a Dravir ( two different quest items are dropped by this monster it is possible to get both items at the same time however, both items are a rare drop) and Copper Sky Pirate, then click on pile of junk at the Boss Screen
  4. Granny’s Final Request: Defeat Boss: Iron Hoof
  5. Then watch a cutscene.

Part 4: August 19 2011 – In the Land of Dreams and Nightmares…

Location: Dream Maze

To Start: Go to the Skyguard Base and then go down the path towards the Dream Maze.
Step 1: Watch a cutscene. Then speak to Invidia and complete her quests:

Step 2: Click on the Portal  and complete its quests: These quests can be done in any order

  1. Nightmares in the (Dream)Realm’s Street: Defeat 15 Nightmare Sky Pirates.
  2. Tortured Memories, Shattered Dreams: Defeat 5 Nightmare Sky Pirates and find 15 Shards of Dream Gem.
  3. In order open the Portal to complete the last quest you need to turn on the lights in the right order.
  4. Through the Gates of the Silver Portal: Defeat Boss Nightmare Lieutenant
  5. Then watch a cutscene.


Part 5: September 26, 2011: Purple Elephants on a SkyShip

Location: Strategy Department

To Start: Go to the Skyguard Base and then go down the path towards the Strategy Department.
Step 1: Watch a cutscene. Then speak to Invidia and complete her quests:

  1. SkyPirates Slaying Strategies: Defeat 15 Dravir Pirates or Gator Pirates.
  2. Strategic Alarm Sequence: Tip All alarms by defeating Dravir Pirates or Gator Pirates until they drop the Alarm Code Alpha , Alarm Code Beta, Alarm Code Gamma, Alarm Code Delta and Alarm Code Epsilon items, then click in the alarms in this order  floors 2, 1, 5, 4, 3
  3. SkyPirate Shot-caller Neutralized: Defeat Boss:  Dravir Pirate Captain
  4. SkyPirate Map Hunt: Defeat Dravir Pirates or Gator Pirates to get Map Pieces A, B, C, D and Map Pieces X is  a reward from the last quest.
  5. Then watch a cutscene.

Will you fight for Good, Evil, or… Desoloth?

  • Fire, Water, Air and Earth all join together in the DragonPlane, and at their center – the Cor Draconis.
  • Those who choose Evil may feel that his attacks merit more punishment than just imprisonment.
  • Those who choose to fight on Desoloth’s side… his freedom and rise to power is the only goal.
  • Paths to the boss battle frame and the Cor Draconis will only unlock at 100%!
  • Drakath has turned his attention to Etherstorm’s anarchy.
  • The choice is yours. War comes to Etherstorm THIS Friday!
  • Battle Chaorrupted Elemental Thunderbirds OR Elemental dragons!
  • Winning side determines the outcome of the war and will affect the final battle against Chaos!
  • Unlock a cutscene starring Galanoth at 50% on the war meter!
  • War Rares shop and War Merge shop!
  • Members will receive double resource drops from the member-only merge quests!
  • Dracomancer Class coming THIS FRIDAY!

Midweek member releases delayed

  • Return  on March 14th!

Where have all the Pancakes Gone?

  • Pancake Day is over will be back

Leap Day comes tomorrow!

  • Today  is Leap Day! It only comes every four years, so complete quests to get  four boosts to help you out.

Solrac’s Birthday today!

  • Was on February 28th

Coming Soon:

  • The Return of Xan NEXT Friday!

Next Friday will see the return of Xan,


  • Travel with Eukara Vox as you meet up with Baldev, in the search for answers to the mystery of the Artistic Ruins! Try out a few  new mini-games and get  some great rewards
  • Check out the Nightmare Wyvern Rider in  the Limited-Time Shop this week!


  • Has Been Released! Deren has  areas to explore, new quests to try and rewards to get , and a few new NPCs to meet!
  •  Watch out for the dock!


  • Right now there is a special WarpGuardian offer for all upgraded players of AE games  you can get a  $10 discount on the WarpGuardian upgrade.


  1. Blarney War 2012!
  2.  Chessmaster Saga continues!
  3. Seekrat Breaking Point

Source: AQ/WF Newsletter

AdventureQuest is having a special surprise (well it’s not a surprise anymore!) for anyone that logs in during leap day. If you log in between midnight EST of February 29th and midnight of March 1st, you will gain one free level up! You’ll also get to keep half of your current experience to use for the next level!

So what are you waiting for? Log in right now to get your free level up!

Level Cap Raise

Everyone’s getting a chance to get this free level up, including players at the level caps… because they are being raised! The new Guardian level cap will be 140 and the Adventurer level cap will be 132!

Togslayer Returns!

On February 29th, for one day only, the Togslayer armor will be re-released along with a quest to gain the valuable “Coal” needed to unlock and train this armor. In addition, Rolith is adding a brand new skill to the armor!

You’ll need to do some Tog smashing to get this armor, but don’t miss out. This is the only chance to get the Togslayer armor until next Frostval!

In the Book of Lore there is a Storyline known as Skyguard it is meant for members only. The first Part of storyline which came out November 2010  is accessible to everyone and takes Place in Airship which is part of the Greenguard Forest Map.

Here is a quick guide to this Area.

All quests in this area give Skyguard Reputation  and can only done once.

To Start: Speak to Captain Stratos and complete his quests:

  1. Fiends in High Places: Defeat 15 Sky Pirate Draconians.
  2. A Whirled Wide Traveler: Gather 10 Boxes of Gel-O-No’s around the ship then click on the Boiler in the Boiler Room.
  3. Boiler Spoiler: Defeat  mini-boss Rehydrated Gell Oh No
  4. This Fight Will Dragon: Defeat  mini-boss: Sky Pirate Dragon
  5. Things Are Looking Up: Defeat 8 Sky Pirate Draconians,  1 Rehydrated Gell Oh No and 1 Sky Pirate Dragon
  6. Don’t Get Mad, Get Gladius: Main Boss Gladius

The Battle Poll in the SmashDome has ended! You voted and you got it! The Destroyer is the winner and has been added to the Battle Poll Shop, purchasable for 5000 Fame! Unfortunately though, that does mean the Skull Slicer is going away forever. Stay tuned for the next Battle Poll, coming soon to HeroSmash!

There are two storylines in Bludrut Keep.The first storyline came out in October 2008 and the second one came out this week as Member only storyline.

The second storyline is the Spirthunter Storyline.

Here is a quick guide to the Spirthunter  storyline which is for members only.

(The quests must be done in this order and can only  be done once)

To Start: Go to Bludrut Keep in  Skullholme . Then speak to Veddrian and complete her quests.

Step 1: Watch the first cutscene. Then you can start the quests on the First Floor of the Keep.

  1. Lost Memories: Find Veddrian’s Lost Journal.
  2. Remembering…: Defeat 8 Rattlebones.

Step 2: Watch the second cutscene. Then you can start the quests on the Second Floor of the Keep.

  1. A Personal Effect: Defeat a Shadow Creeper.
  2. The Unintentional Tomb: Find the Hidden Room (Hint Gold Door Frame).
  3. The Spirit Speaks: Defeat 5 Shadow Creepers, and on the First Floor Defeat 5 Rattleboness and 1 Rock Elemental.

Step 3: Watch the third cutscene. Then you can start the quests on the Third Floor of the Keep.

  1. Unseen Monsters: Find an  entrance to a hidden  room no (Hint Crack in the wall).
  2. Stop IT!: Defeat the boss IT.
  3. Sad Farewells: Return to the hidden room on the Second Floor.

Step 4: Watch the Final Cutscene.

After you watch the final Cutscene Veddrian will offer you 3 quests that when completed will offer you items. These items are used to merge shop: Spirthunter Shop

  1. Ectoamber: Defeat  10 Rattlebones on the First Floor. Reward: Ectoamber.
  2. Screamwave: Defeat 5 Sirens on the Third Floor. Reward: Screamwave.
  3. Spirit Ward Sigil: Defeat Groglurk on the Fourth Floor. Reward:Spirit Ward Sigil

Here is a list of all items in the shop and their requirements to make items in the Spirthunter Shop

Sword SpiritHunter Katana  1 SpiritHunter Blades,  2 Spirit Ward Sigils , 3 Screamwaves and 5 Ectoambers
Daggers SpiritHunter Blades 15 Screamwaves
Polearm SpiritHunter Halberd 1 SpiritHunter Halberd, 1 SpiritHunter Blade sand 1 >Ectoamber
Polearm SpiritHunter’s Reaper 1 SpiritHunter Blades, 1 Spirit Ward Sigil and 1 Ectoamber
Armor SpiritHunter Armor 5 Spirit Ward Sigils, 5 Screamwaves and 10 Ectoambers
Helmet SpiritHunter Mask 3 Spirit Ward Sigils and,10 Ectoambers
Cape SpiritHunter Back Scythe 1 SpiritHunter’s Reaper  and 1Screamwave

Finally, after many repicks as winners for the new “I Can Haz Mod” contest, one Australian girl finally said yes and made her wish!

Just got done hanging with the ICHM winner. She is Australian & wished for an AUS day in-game! Cheezburger will become an AUS THEMED HOUSE!Cysero via Twitter

Her wish was for an Australian Day in-game! The Cheeseburger is to become an Australian themed house soon (no date is known as of yet but I’m speculating at some point this week).